1.3 billion WXT are migrating to EVM blockchains!

EVM-image (36)

Last month, we let you know that we’d decided to shift the focus of WXT towards EVM-compatible blockchains like Ethereum and Avalanche. The resounding response to this was that you love having such easy access to all the benefits of DeFi.

We took this feedback on board and made the decision to migrate 1.3 billion WXT from the Stellar network to Ethereum and Avalanche! This means that following migration, 90% of WXT will be based on EVM-compatible blockchains, and 10% will remain on Stellar. As WXT on Avalanche represents 99% of WXT activity we recommend all centralised exchanges to switch or add support for WXT on Avalanche.

What does this mean for your Stellar-based WXT? Well, while you can no longer transfer WXT out of Wirex via the Stellar Network, you can quickly and easily exchange it to Ethereum or Avalanche-based WXT in the app before sending it to an external wallet.

If you’re subscribed to either the Premium or Elite price plan, you can still add Stellar-based WXT to your Wirex account, which you can then exchange on Ethereum or Avalanche in-app.

So, are you ready to take advantage of a multitude of digital assets, DeFi-powered earning, discounted gas fees and much more?