1.5% fiat deposit fee now

Thank you.

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Any update @Ali_Wirex ?

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I just signed up to this platform and am shocked to see that there’s such a rate of 1.5% just for topping up. Just remove Singapore and APAC from the platform in general if the company is not serious about it. I do understand there’s international cost and stuff. If we were intending to pay for all that, we would have done it without his platform.
Glad that I signed up AFTER this change and have yet to commit to anything. I’m very sure the company would lose many existing users as well as deter new users like myself. There’s also no excuse to make an abrupt change without communication. This is also another red flag in my opinion. Even if the company reverted to 0% top up fees, I would have already lost confidence in the stealth change. Not everyone pays attention to every small details. It could potentially happen to the way interest is calculated, or the formulae it uses. Just game breaking and demonstrates the incapability to anticipate consumer needs. A simple solution would be to provide fee free alternative payment first before rolling out this change would significantly improve the situation.
Tips , do send out communication email when this is fixed. I’m sure there’s still many users that you can salvage the situation from. Communication is key. Community is everything.


Now increased to 2.99% Top up fee… good work #wirex



Which region do you reside in?

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As you can see this, they Have again increased the top up fees from 1.49 to 2.99% :(… so disappointing.

Do anyone face the same issue ?

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Faaark… Mine is not affected…as of right now :roll_eyes:

…but yes…as if it wasn’t already disappointing enough.


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when Zero fee again?

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We’re don’t know when? I hope it’s soon as possible