20 November Outage: Update for our customers

On Friday the 20th of November, we encountered a DNS issue with our third-party provider, which caused our domain to be unresponsive for a short period of time. Unfortunately, this meant that almost 30% of our customers were unable to access our website and app for some periods of the day.

Our engineers worked tirelessly with our third-party to identify and resolve the problem, however with DNS propagation delays, some customers continued to experience login issues.

Please rest assured that customer funds were - and remain - completely safe. There was absolutely no security breach in Wirex’s systems.

We apologise for any inconvenience this disruption may have caused you. Thank you for your ongoing support.


Thanks WIREX for finally letting us know!

It looks like some other cryptoservices got affected as well.

The money is safe but is save in your bank account not our. When we will have access to our money? I waiting 6 days and still no have nothing in my account. I write you everyday also today Georgy reply me that he escalate the case but i’m in same situation. I need my money and you need to tell me when? I’m patient person but you kidding with me. That is totaly unacceptable. I still waiting my 350 euro and every day i receive same excuses and nothing more. Just do something! Give my money in my account!


Can’t see your funds yet?

Yes is not on my account yet. They confirm me before 5 days that is received in his bank account, just is stuck at his system and need to be manual credited into my account. But unit now i no have nothing on it. I even today talk with Georgy (CEO of wirex) but still nothing here. I don’t know what more to do to can get it. I receive everyday same copy-paste answer that “they work on my case and will be fixed soon”. But this soon never come…

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I understand the frustration. My fund is forced to stuck in the form of WXT because of the delays. I have lost quite a lot because of this… It’s almost a week now.

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Obviously, no reply. Just because they continues to don’t say the truth.

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Funds was sent to me since the 19th of November in GBP but I still haven’t received it yet,I’ve sent emails but no response which is quite unusual.It is almost a week now and and still nothing can this be looked at please my ticket number is (1764972)

Still waiting from November 21!!! 3.014 litecoin pending transfer

Hi there I know you had a DNS problem. It is now 6 days since the incident and my money is not in my account. Unemployed International lockdown 2 kids off school ,No more excuses,not answering Email/phone WTF is going on??? I’ve put hundreds of people in the crypto community onto Wirex frankly I’m now Embarrassed!

Please know that the team is working on getting your ticket resolved. Wirex is not a scam company, nor are we scamming users. This is something we take extremely seriously. As you know there are delays, but your ticket will get resolved. If you need the support team to chase up a ticket for you please use the support channel on the forum. Which is here…

Thank you

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Hi there Harrison, I’m very sorry to hear that. Please know this will get resolved. If you have created a ticket and would like it escalated either get in touch with the support team via the support channel here on the forum. Or you can send your support ticket reference number to the email, supportescalations@wirexapp.com, which is our dedicated team for fast-tracking issues.

Thank you

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My transfer is pending for 7 days and then my account is suddenly blocked on the 8th day. Does anyone have the same issue?

Hi there, I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. Please can you tell me if you’ve created a support ticket for this?

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I have already had a support ticket. Just want to see if theres anyone experiencing the same thing. Thanks.

Ok no worries. If you want to escalate the support ticket please email supportescalations@wirexapp.com with your existing support ticket reference number.

That is our team who fast-track issues.

Thank you

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Buongiorno, come già scritto al supporto Io sono stato privato diffondi in criptovaluta, in assenza di DSN C’è stato libero accesso E tutt’ora io risulto con un numero di telefono del Sud America antiche americano.
non ho piĂą accesso alla sicurezza neanche ai miei fondi prelevati da terzi.
Resto in attesa di aggiornamenti con nuova carta di plastica e nuovo account perché questi possono essere ormai compromessi in assenza di copertura DSN di conseguenza anche DDOS e attacchi vari.
Grazie per l’attenzione confido in un ripristino tempestivo con data antecedente al furto.

Hello, as already written to the support I have been private spread in cryptocurrency, in the absence of DSN There has been free access And still I result with an ancient American South American phone number.
I no longer have access to security even to my funds withdrawn from third parties.
I look forward to updates with a new plastic card and new account because these can now be compromised in the absence of DSN coverage, consequently also DDOS and various attacks.
Thanks for your attention, I trust in a timely restoration with a date prior to the theft.

Wirex predica che i nostri beni sono al sicuro, in assenza di DSA sono rimasto scoperto, e da programmatore ai tempi del linguaggio basic mi domando sì anche io, a questo punto, non rivedendo il mio denaro mi dovrò comportare allo stesso modo, creando frodi e truffe milionarie accedendo tramite Dark web e linguaggio macchina da me creato a tutti i conti con poco denaro all’interno, prelevandoli tutti.
Spero che wirex risolva in fretta questa situazione altrimenti sarò obbligato a comportarmi allo stesso modo, cosa che vorrei evitare Ma per chi mi conosce sa che sono in grado di farlo.

Distinti saluti Gianluca Mas ~alias Nixator~

Wirex preaches that our assets are safe, in the absence of DSA I was discovered, and as a programmer in the days of basic language I wonder yes too, at this point, not reviewing my money I will have to behave in the same way, creating fraud and millionaire scams by accessing through Dark web and machine language created by me to all accounts with little money inside, taking them all.
I hope wirex solves this situation quickly otherwise I will be forced to behave in the same way, which I would like to avoid. But for those who know me they know I can do it.

Yours sincerely Gianluca Mas ~ alias Nixator ~

Same here I cannot send my cash from wirex to anywhere. I have spoken to people until I’m blue.

Can Somone let me know when I can take my money out of wirex and transfur it to a party that actually works for it’s clients. I am disgusted at the upheaval money and time this has cost me.