20% Online transaction fee?

Where can I find online payment fees? You had charged a 20% commission for online payment? You charge 20% commission for each online transaction. Why? Where in T&C I find this fee?

Hi @sadrawir2 , could you clarify if you are referring to a high transaction fee for ETH?

Hi, no for ETH. For EUR - online payment. For EUR for online payment. You charge 20% commission for each online payment.

Thank you for clarifying @sadrawir2. We do not charge any fee for EUR online payments. You can also see this from your previous purchases via this very card. I would suggest contacting the merchant on the matter, as it happened only with this one.

Dear Sir,
thank you for your answer, but your statement is not true. This is not the first time this has happened. My merchant does not charge any additional commission.
I am attaching a screenshot and please check.

The total cost of my merchant was 9.19 eur.
I funded 9,90€


@sadrawir2 I’ve checked this merchant and it is a merchant that provides car rental service.
In some cases, an extra, additional amount is added to the amount of the transactions with pre-authorization. These transactions are called ‘estimated transactions’ and they are used to cover any potential further costs user may incur. This is also a temporary hold on a specified amount on the card. It is not an actual charged amount and no funds are taken.
This amount will be returned to your card once the merchant unholds it.