📰 2019 was the year that crypto exchanges expanded and diversified

Did you notice these trends?

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why not Create a live chat in the app, it is way too much stress to contact wirex, it shoudnt feel this unsafe to use wirex. Live chat only people with real problems will message instead of people getting scammed everywhere! I dont even know why this hasnt been implemented. Support for Wirex is the worst I have ever experienced In my life

I think that a live chat is a good idea. Hopefully Wirex would hire new people to run this, instead of over burdening an already busy support staff.

We are working on live support and will update you all in due time. Thanks for feedback!

Day 40 without access to my account or funds. What can i say accept I would advise no one to use WIREX. If it works its great but when it goes wrong you are on your own. 40 days to investigate what?..