2020 so far in the world of Wirex

There’s no avoiding the elephant in the room: the first half of 2020 has been extremely tough for everyone. Despite the grief, isolation and restriction experienced around the world, life goes on – and Wirex is no exception. From customer milestones to exciting new hires, we’ll take you through what we’ve been up to over the last few months.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought a new normal. Relentless handwashing, social distancing and working from home have replaced meeting up with friends and family, pub visits and daily commutes. In the face of hardship and uncertainty, we want to reassure you that our superstar teams around the globe are working even harder to make sure that Wirex continues to operate as normal for all our customers. In a world where cash payments and branch visits are rapidly becoming not just irrelevant but unsafe, we believe that Wirex is perfectly positioned as a fast, secure and convenient alternative to traditional banks.

Milestones galore

We hit two huge milestones in the first quarter of 2020, providing some much- needed good news for Wirexers around the world. Not only did the company achieve profitability – no mean feat in the face of an ongoing global recession – but we also reached a record 3 million registered customers on the Wirex platform!

Over to Pavel, our co-founder and CEO:

“We are thrilled that over 3 million customers recognise the benefits of managing their digital and traditional currencies on one, centralised mobile app. This success shows that we’re achieving what we set out to do - democratising access to cryptocurrencies by removing key barriers to usage and helping to bring the world ever closer to mass adoption.”

USA calling

We’ve already stirred up the payments status quo in Europe and Asia Pacific – now it’s America’s turn. Customers in the USA will be able to register and pre- order their next-gen Wirex cards very soon, with the full range of innovative Wirex services landing shortly afterwards. How do industry-best exchange rates, instant crypto rewards, free FX, secure cryptocurrency and USD accounts and absolutely no hidden fees or charges sound? Get ready, America.

Introducing Harold Montgomery

Taking on a project as important as the USA launch requires a masterful hand on the tiller. That’s why we’re delighted to introduce Harold Montgomery, the new Managing Director of Wirex USA. A seasoned payments executive who has led 6 companies through high-growth experiences over 20+ years, Harold graduated from Stanford University with a BA and an MBA. He has been a frequent speaker and writer about the payments industry, authoring over 120 articles and has appeared on the BBC, Bloomberg News and CNN, as well as delivering expert testimony to the US House of Representatives and the Federal Reserve Bank.

Welcome on board, Harold!

“I am excited to join Wirex at this important stage in the company’s growth. To be part of this fast-growing company as it approaches the US market is a tremendously rewarding professional challenge. Wirex has demonstrated its appeal to European and Asian users who want to have easier, faster access to their digital currency holdings and spend them for everyday purchases in retail stores. Wirex customers can move seamlessly between digital money and their home currency with our VISA branded card anywhere in the US. Wirex is a big step forward and puts more capability in the hands of users than any other service on the market.”

What’s next?

You might think we’d be keen to have a rest after all that. Not at Wirex. As always, we’ve got some truly exciting things in the pipeline for the near future – everything from groundbreaking new partnerships, token launches, new currencies and a revitalised B2B product – so keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the ground! Until next time, Wirexers. Stay safe, stay healthy and keep up the good work.


I am soo disappointed in WIREX, blocking my account and locking my money in, at this difficult COVID19 times. My bills now very difficult to pay as I had put my full trust in WIREX. I pray every penny will be reimbursed so I can be able to catch up with my bills and feed these orphans Am only a widow trying beyond efforts to keep a smile on these orphans.

Hi there Rosemarymud, I’m sorry to hear that. Please can you send me your support ticket reference number so I can flag this with the support team? Thank you so much.

Thank you Ali,

My support ticket reference number is 1354005


Rosemary if

Thank you Rosemary! I have now flagged this with the support team. They will be in touch with you directly via your email. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch again if you need anything.

@Ali_Wirex Hey, pls look into the issue, I’m from India was able to buy crypto a year back but not now
Now that India has got certain relaxation in crypto, wirex can start again !!
Pls check with your concerned team to start this again

Hey there Sai! I will definitely pass this on to the team for you. When I have an update I will let you know!