5 reasons to invest in Wirex!


There’s never been a better time to invest in Wirex. Not just because we’re a kickass fintech that aims to make all currencies equal, for everyone - we’ve also got some huge things on the horizon.

Don’t forget to request access to our Investor Deck for the full lowdown on revenue, leadership and roadmap. In the meantime, here are 5 solid reasons why you should become a Wirex shareholder today.

Wirex Mastercard

The revolutionary new Wirex Mastercard treats all currencies as equal. Its real-time auto conversion feature lets you spend any of your traditional or cryptocurrencies in real life without exchanging first. And that’s not all. It also gives you free ATM withdrawals up to £400 a month, unlimited zero-fee FX and no monthly fees!

USA incoming

We’ve already stirred up the payments status quo in Europe and Asia Pacific – now it’s America’s turn. Our USA launch is on the horizon, which means customers in the USA will soon be able to register and pre-order their next-gen Wirex card -, with the full range of innovative Wirex services landing shortly afterwards. Get ready, America. We are coming.

We’re profitable!

Heard the one about the profitable Fintech? Well, it’s no longer a joke. We turned profitable in 2020 — just 5 years since inception. We call ourselves the ‘hedgehog’ fintech and proudly so — it means that we seek to monetise our business as we grow. Building a sustainable business model is a key part of our global expansion. Before we scale further, we’re offering a unique opportunity for Wirexers around the world to join us on our journey and invest in our vision.

Rewards 2.0

Our upgraded rewards programme is coming soon and brings new-and-improved benefits! Customers will be able to get even more out of their Wirex cards with up to 2% Cryptoback™ for online and in-store spending. Plus, investors can earn up to 6% APR* on their Wirex Token (WXT) balance.

*APR refers to projected staking rewards on WXT balances held with Wirex

Making all currencies equal

Our mission is clear — We’re building a world where buying, holding, exchanging and spending fiat and cryptocurrencies is quick, easy and open to everyone. That means being able to send, receive, exchange and spend any one of 12 fiat and 10 cryptocurrencies at more than 54m locations around the world. Wirex is already available in 130 countries and we’re expanding sensibly, but rapidly.


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Investments of this nature carries risk to your capital. Please invest aware.

Can’t wait for Rewards 2.0 :raised_hands:


Me too! :tada::wink:


Hello there. I’m sorry to hear that you are still waiting for a response from support, Please provide me with your support ticket number or username (direct message) and I will try to get your issue resolved ASAP.

If you haven’t written to the team yet, you can do it here: >> https://wirexapp.com/help/request/create

And the 6th reason: Wirex are the are the best of all :rocket:

@renars_the that’s what I’m looking forward to. But my wallet dreads this moment :laughing:


@renars_the la la la la leeesh go!!! :money_with_wings:

Hey everybody, does somebody know if as Eur holder you need to exchange to gpb currency in the wirex account to proceed with the payment on crowdcube? Or will there be a direct conversion? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Anthonio

You can pay directly with your euro card. You will find more details here:

However, there are the interbank exchange rate and currency exchange fees that apply. For example with a Wirex euro card to pay in a foreign currency: :

If you are using a different card than the one issued by Wirex, please contact your bank for more information about the fees.

Thanks for the quick feedback, I’ll use my wirex card, does the exchange fee apply if I own enough WXT?

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@Anthonio I do not know exactly. On the WXT FAQs page, we can read this:

Discount on fees – active from pre-sale
500,000 WXT – 100% discount
100,000 WXT – 50% discount
50,000 WXT – 25% discount
All exchange fees

Let’s ask the Wirex team for confirmation. @Ali_Wirex can you provide more precision please ?

Suppose I own >500K Wtx will the exchange commission be discounted/ free?

@Anthonio I calculated the conversion before topping up my Wirex Card with my local currency and then exchanged what I topped up in app to GPB.
No fee charged.
I believe if you too up any foreign currency directly you will be stung with a fee…I’m pretty sure if you have 500k WXT you will avoid the sting. :honeybee:

I don’t mind being corrected if incorrect.

Don’t invest in Wirex - it Ponzi scheme company, I m wait end of “re-verification” from 17/09 - Wirex was start this process in same moment when I m was load 10000€ on my account. I m sent : utility bill, bank statement, driver license and all documents for confirm my load - nothing is change, just same robotic answers from support two times weekly
think for yourself, an honest financial company will hide its phone number from customers?