72h: Grab your 2,000 WXT bonus

So this promotion. If you have 3 transactions you can have 6,000wxt in total? And unlimited transactions and bunos for this?

too good to be true isn’t …

I wait also a confirmation from an admin … but nothing so far

I suspect that the actual reward is 200 WXT per transaction and not 2 000 WXT …

it can’t be 2 000 WXT and unlimited number of transactions …


Well… according to t&c:

All Eligible Participants who complete a Qualifying Transaction (“ Qualifying Participants ”) will receive a 2,000 WXT reward for each Qualifying Transaction completed during the Promotion Period (the “ Reward ”).

Eligible Participants will be entitled to complete as many Qualifying Transactions as they choose during the Promotion Period and each will qualify for the Reward.


I know… but it makes no sense …

unlimited transactions and 2 000 WXT per each 50Eur transaction !?

no way …

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Where did you get that information

I have read the terms and conditions. It sounds too good to be true but, in my opinion, everything is written clearly and without the possibility of misunderstanding.

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This is for pump statistical total transaction

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I think I will stop at 200 transaction with 400k))) finally an emission of circulating on Wirexers)))

But I afraid that it is not 200m emission but if I make 400k wxt and other 1000 do like me it is an 40m emission @moderators ???

No it’s 2000 wxt only not 200, check out the promotion again

Hey in the email was written 2,000 wxt. In the app showed also if you buy or exchange 50 euros worth crypto you will receive 2,000 wxt. Not 200. I want 2000 wxt as it was in my email and my app…

Hi, am I eligible for this? I have funds in WXT and exchanged to XRP with the minimum needed amount. I’m eligible for this reward right?

It is actually true, 2000 wxt and each qualified transaction is accepted

Yes you are

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanky :slightly_smiling_face:

Exactly the same here.
I got nothing.
Even other rewards remained unrewarded (I got nothing).

Oh, I just read the Terms and Conditions, it speaks:

Each Reward will be transferred to Qualifying Participants’ accounts within 30 Working Days of the end of the Promotion Period.

Ok, nothing to worry, but needs to be patient :slight_smile:

Wirex never will pay me 200k wxt for 100((( i’m wondering)))

Consider it is second promotion of this tipe.

Transaction to be valid must had at least 1 hour of tuck

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