7th January - again "EU Maintenance" no one can withdraw

Wirex posting this http s://wirexapp.com/help/article/eu-maintenance-faq-0130 in November (without a specific date or announcement) which was 2 months ago, and now again “EU Maintenance” where all their agents are simply forwarding to you the same exact article posted a few months back. Everyone is copy-pasting from your support team the same exact script which is very very not transparent.
Cons that right now it pushed me to open a Paypal account and verify my coinbase account to move my business there are:
Customer support: They avoid any of your questions. They copy-paste scripts from their desktops.
Announcements: No announcements such as email or notification on a mobile app which let us know from BEFORE HAPPENING ANYTHING (which again, is not transparent at all when it happens) BUT they send unique emails about ATH (all-time high) on cryptos to push you in investing more.

  • Customer support is always stating of a different “team” called “relevant team” and when asked to be given the direct connection with this “relevant team” they avoid your questions.

These issues are not in coordination with your only license with FCA. These issues will be addressed towards them as your platform is being manipulated by your company whenever you feel like it.

In the past three months, I only had headaches with Wirex. Hence the reason for sharing everything here.

For sure you will have one of your agents respond to this thread, as vague as any other support we receive from your side.


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