A match made in crypto heaven

It’s tough finding the one. You scroll through your options not knowing where to start or what you’re even looking for.

Enter your personal matchmaker, Wirex - here to help you find your virtual soulmate. Just call us Crypto Cupid… Or Cilla Black.

You can’t beat the boss. Trustworthy, transparent and slightly mysterious to boot - what more could you want? Bitcoin’s been around the block and can certainly show you a thing or two.

Open and eager to please, Ether hits it off with everyone and has fingers in multiple pies. Often ends up coming in second place, but definitely no consolation prize.

Forward-thinking, practical and determined, WXT will go above and beyond to keep you happy - not to mention shower you with rewards. Always has something exciting in the pipeline to keep you on your toes.

A popular athletic type who has no trouble making friends. Quick-as-a-flash Litecoin is a perfectionist with its own agenda, but works hard to keep you satisfied nevertheless.

Enterprising with big ideas, XRP is often called controversial, but is ultimately a peacemaker with good intentions. Won’t let you down - worth giving a chance.

Kind, caring and places great emphasis on inclusivity. Lumen is ahead of its time in more ways than one and will give you its undivided attention. Ready to take you on a stellar journey to prove it.

A free spirit with a passion for equality and the environment, eco-friendly Nano could be the one for you. If that’s what you’re into.

Straightforward and uncomplicated, Waves goes that extra mile to accommodate. Very adaptable and will keep you safe as houses. Definitely one to take home to mum.

Smart, stable and secure, level-headed Dai will keep you grounded. No unpredictable behaviour - a solid choice for anyone.

There you have it. Your digital destiny awaits. We hope it’s now clear which one - or ones - you’ll be making your own!