A roundup of July at Wirex

It’s been a busy old summer so far for Team Wirex - and we’re not showing any signs of slowing down yet! As long periods of lockdown, isolation and withdrawal from society took place across the globe, the importance of the digital world became clearer to everyone. Our mission to bring borderless, digital payments to the mainstream burst into life and we’re delighted to say we’re even closer than ever…

Last month marked a significant step-up in our long-term goal of bringing crypto into the everyday. After months of planning and due diligence, we solidified a strong partnership with Mastercard, becoming their first crypto-native principal member. No mean feat.

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Wirex & Mastercard

The news is out! We are over the moon to announce that Wirex is officially the first crypto-native platform to be granted Mastercard principal membership. We’ve been working hard on securing this partnership for some time now and are extremely proud of how it signifies the start of a wider acceptance of blockchain-powered transactions as the future of finance.

This world-first marks huge progress in our mission to introduce cryptocurrency to the mainstream, and with more and more regulators deeming crypto a legitimate form of finance, we can only see the digital payment space growing from here on.

So, what does this mean for you? Existing Wirexers don’t need to do anything yet. We’ve put together some FAQs in response to the feedback we received from the announcement, so make sure to check those out for further information.

Principal membership gives us even greater control to develop and innovate our product - making it even easier for us to introduce game-changing new features, which will in turn make it even easier to buy, hold, exchange and spend crypto in real-life.

There’s also some huge news on the horizon for our EEA customers - watch this space…

Destination USA

Preparation for the launch of Wirex USA is in full swing, now that we’ve appointed Harold Montgomery as our new Managing Director. Based in Texas, Harold brings a wealth of experience to Wirex. Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, he’s previously led six companies through periods of significant growth, including the development of India’s largest payment platform. We’re confident he’s the perfect man to guide us through a phenomenal launch in the US.

With 3 million customers already on board around the world, it’s quite clear we’re doing something right in our efforts to bridge the gap between the traditional and digital. We can’t wait to show the people of America what we’re all about, too!

Safety first

The safety and security of our customers is of the utmost importance to us at Wirex. Therefore, we thought it was time we reiterated the steps we take to ensure this and why we’re considered one of the most trusted companies in our field.

We want our customers to feel safe. That’s why we employ sophisticated security technology and are always on-hand to help - particularly during these unprecedented times when your hard-earned money is all the more important.

Here are just some of the security measures we take to give our valued customers peace of mind:

  • We’re registered as an regulated e-money institution by the UK Financial Conduct authority for all traditional currency transactions. We adhere to local regulations and work hard to secure appropriate licences in the territories in which we operate - where they exist. But don’t worry, where regulations don’t exist, we make sure we apply ‘gold-plated standards’.
  • We minimise the risk of theft and hackers by creating a virtual Fort Knox - we store all customer funds in multi-signature cold-storage wallets, implement sophisticated device authorisation procedures and offer additional protection, such as 2FA and memorable words.
  • We have an in-house fraud team constantly monitoring any suspicious activity.
  • We give you easy access to your latest transactions, with the ability to change your password and block or unblock your Wirex card in-app.
  • We’ve got round-the-clock customer support available to help.

After all, what’s the point in having the payment platform of the future without the security to match?


We meant it when we said our customers’ safety and security is our prime concern. So, when the Wirecard situation emerged last month, our top priority was to protect our customers and ensure that none of you were affected.

Our team worked hard to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, and although only a small number of our customers’ cards were issued by Wirecard (limited to the APAC region), their funds remained (and will remain) completely safe.

We always aim to be completely transparent with our customers. We made sure to keep you updated throughout each and every Wirecard-related development so that you could enjoy the confidence to keep using our industry-leading services.

What’s next?

Achieving Mastercard principal membership signifies the start of a brand-new phase at Wirex that will revolutionise the fintech and crypto spaces. We can’t give too much away yet, but brace yourself for some big shake-ups coming soon. We hope you’re ready!


Excellent, I can’t wait for improvement they always get me excited! What things are planned for EEA customers in the future? Wirex is an amazing innovation and will continue to grow from strength to strength! Thanks you all the team for your hard work and support.


Not letting go of my $WXT tokens. In fact think it’s time to load up some more at these prices


Great news, love my Wirex card please get Vechain and ada

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Same here! I’ve just loaded up

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I can’t wait to see the news, Congratulations Wirex !!!


Thanks! Good news!

That would be very nice a few more coins. Lets go for it


I want my account back

Ich bin sehr zufrieden, bin schon gespannt auf die Erneuerungen. :+1:

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Could I please get an update on why for the last few months we still cannot load funds from bank cards please ?

I have in pendig a transaction since 23.07.2020 , exchange BTC in ETH, and now is 3.08.2020. I really don t understand this!

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muy buen servicio wirex un saludo desde España

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Wirex is the worst company for crypto currency they block and close account for no reason it’s been months now I’ve been trying to get my funds back and barley anyone can tell me what’s going on

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I’ve been waiting for my funds to reach my wallet from my Wirex it’s been days now how do I cancel the pending any help would be great

July Roundup for me - everything still blocked. Can’t add or transfer money or crypto. Nothing. Then also end out an off telling me to use my card…, like what the hell? Nothing works.