A slice of history

On this day, 10 years ago, a man called Laszlo Hanyecz went on the Bitcointalk forum and declared that he would “pay 10,000 BTC for a couple of pizzas.” An unidentified British man took him up on the offer, accepted the Bitcoins and Hanyecz received 2 Papa John’s pizzas in return. Back then, that 10,000 BTC was worth roughly $40 - a good trade for the man that accepted the offer. Neither foresaw the stratospheric rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general (in case you were wondering, 10,000 BTC comes out to over $91 million today). Little did Hanyecz realise that he had eaten potentially the two most expensive pizzas ever purchased.

In order to commemorate this day, we decided to throw a little competition your way on our Twitter and Instagram channels! All you have to do is go to our latest posts on Twitter and Instagram to see the full details on how to enter.* That’s it. We will then award 10 lucky, randomly selected, users with a pizza of their very own in WXT.

*All the details for the Twitter competition can be found HERE. All the details for our Instagram competition can be found HERE.

  1. For full entry details, entrants must check our Twitter and Instagram posts
  2. The competition closes on (24.05.2020 11:59PM BST)
  3. Winners must be a verified user with a WXT account.
  4. 5 x Winners will be chosen on Twitter, 5 x Winners will be chosen on Instagram
  5. Each Winner will be funded £20 in WXT, into their WXT accounts.
  6. We will announce the winners on our community forum in this post on 26.05.2020
  7. We will award the WXT to the winners once all have been contacted in approximately 7-10 days time.





Always the best ! Thanks Wirex

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Great app hope to win on btc pizza:)

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depuis plusieurs semaines je n’arrive pas à mener d’ activités sur mon compte pour cause “verrouillage”, après avoir soumis tout les justificatifs tel stipuler par l’équipe en charge, je reste toujours dans l’attentes, me privant de profiter de mes fonds dans cette période assez difficile…
Alors je demande à toute personne pouvant m’aider ou me conseiller une certaine approche en vue de faire passer ma demande en priorité serais la bienvenu

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Hi there, I’m sorry to hear that. Please can you send me your support ticket reference number?
Thank you

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1391821 ticket

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Thank you I will inform the team. They will contact you via your email.

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Please, review ticket 1417977.

Thanks a lot

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Of course I will flag this with the team. Thank you