A special thanks with a short update


Originally published at: https://wirexapp.com/special-thanks-short-update/

Since our September announcement that we surpassed 800,000 users with over $1 billion in transactions those numbers continue to escalate due to tremendous support from the Wirex community. In the spirit of Thanksgiving celebrated in the US, Canada and Liberia!… we want to show our appreciation with a list of company developments that wouldn’t have been possible without you. The promise of contactless cards We announced pre-registration for new contactless cards. We mentioned that integration was already underway. It’s surprisingly how…


This sounds AWESOME!!:heart_eyes:


Congratulations to the entire team !!!


That’s awesome
I hope there will be support for Arabic language, on website displayed at least, in coming updates.


:star_struck: wahoooooo congrats everyone!


Working on it :wink:
Thank you for your support!


DASH Wallet in Wirex account is HUGE news! I really (reaaaalyyy!) can’t wait…!

Congrats team Wirex! :clap:


Such a good news! Congrats wirex team! :+1: