About Category labels

i have some ideas about “Label Category” on our “Recent Activity” part of the “https://app.wirexapp.com/” in our account.

Actually we can Label “Bills / Cash / Eating out / Entertainment / General / Groceries / Holidays / Shopping / Transport”; i think the feature is good but not enough accurate;

For example it missed some Labels for:

_when i buy informatic component for my family (Tech or informatic Label ?);
_when i buy informatic component for myself (informatic or Tech Label ?);
_when i buy Video-games and virtual gaming things (Virtual, Gaming or e-Entertainment Label ?);
_when i buy Cryptocurrency (Crypto Label ?);
_when i make some investment on some Blockchain projects (DeFi, Crypto, NFT Label ?);
_when i buy some food for cook at home (food Label ?);
_when i send/receive some fiat money from/to family and/or friends (Family & Friends Label ?);
_when i send/receive some Cryptocurrency from/to family and/or friends (e-Change or Family & Friends Label ?);
_when i refund some fiat/crypto money that i burrowed previously from a friend or family (refund or Private-Refund Label ?);

I got some other ideas for various Labels:

_Subscriptions, Charity and/or Donations (because we are some smart geeks, we watch Twitch.tv frequently and we also make some donations to OpenSource projects on GitHub and/or to Charity projects)
_Insurance and Finance (because here we all do this every month)
_Business Expenses (for people who got their own “micro entreprise” / personal small business)
_Multimedia and/or Electronics (because here we mostly are customer 2.0)
_Health and Pharmacy (because we Human and we need it on those pandemia era)
_Taxes and Fines (because we are all taxed and sometimes time to time we take fines because we not perfect)
_Travel and Vacation (because we not only travel for hollidays)
_Education (because it’s also important, and some students are here with us)
_Saving (because sometime we save some fiat/crypto money).

And finally i think we need an editable label for missing categories;
at least if you can give us some customizable colors for those Labels it would be awesome.

Thank you for reading me;

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