About [pending] matters

About pending matters

Hello Wirex,

Why is Wirex cryptocurrency stuck on transfer and not allowing users to withdraw. Always pending.
In addition, the user has to wait for two days. If the system does not refund, the user needs to create a [ticket] and wait again to get the email of [Order Cancelled].

Why not shorten the wait time for users?
[Pending] 1-2 hours, if there is still no [transaction] successful,
The system robot automatically cancels the order, notifies the user of the failure, and returns it to the user for another use.
Have to wait 24-48 hours, and need to manually apply for [ticket].

Every withdrawal/withdrawal is “pending”, so how to attract more users, old users will not recommend new users, even if the interest rate is higher, the user’s money will not be able to keep💰, so use “pending” as a joke. Force locking of user funds?

I believe that this problem not only caused many users to be troubled, It is also a problem that WireX has always wanted to solve. I hope WireX can improve this part as soon as possible. After all, the speed of capital transfer in the currency circle is very fast, and there is arbitrage space everywhere. If it is slow for a second, the loss will be huge.

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