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Why can’t I get a password link even when my selfie check is verified?
I recieved the verification and I was told to sign in to my phone app and I can’t get any more further than that!
There or a lot of opportunities in the Asian Pacific region and I am missing out!
All because your system won’t accept my password after I dropped my and accidentally logged out! My ticket number is 6355 and I desperately need help!

Hello there @6355 , I’m sorry about your experience. I will flag your ticket number with the team. They will get back to you as soon as they can. Thank you

There used to be a page where all the various promotions wereclisted as well as timeframe whether it’s still open (running) or closed (ended) and the eligible regions. Can kindly point me to the page or was it taken down?

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Its was ongoing sir , i think new list will up soon.

Hello there @Cryptos2Me , here’s the link for our list of promotions :smile:

You can also find this link in our Community Forum banner at the top of the page. Please let me know if you have any other question

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Hi Wirex,

For APAC, what is the use case for WXT token now? i noticed that there is no fees rebate for exchanging crypto even if i own WXT token.