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how do we get my account statement from the previous year

thank you in advance

Hello there @Tchin , in order to get your account statement, please kindly raise a support ticket. You can create a ticket for requesting a bank statement here.

Click on bank account and then click on “Request bank statement”.
Hope this help and please let me know if you have further questions. Thank you


Anyone else can’t exchange DAI, for some reason DAI has been disabled for my account and whenever i contact the support they claim the developers are working to fix it, it has been more than a month now.

While the exchange is live and working on their “Live currency exchange rates” here :

If there was an issue with DAI then they should have disabled the exchange everywhere.

Hello there @laraaj , sorry about your experience. Could you please share your latest ticket reference number so that I can flag it with the team again? Thank you

Is the DAI exchange disabled now working again?
Last month I lost 3 transfers costs.
2 to Wirex and find then out the Dai wallet was disactived to use the exchange.
Another transfer cost to get the DAI out of Wirex.

Would like to know now upfront if it is working again before sending DAI to Wirexapp.


Hello there @W-crypto sorry for the late reply. Can I know have you create a ticket about this? If so, please kindly share your latest ticket reference number with me so that I can chase it up for you. Thank you!

Hello ChienChien_Wirex,

This is really not fair, Exchanging DAI is still disabled, and actually they told me the developers are working to fix it months ago when i chatted with the support, as for the support tickets they get closed automatically without any replies, Here is the support tickets IDs :


Honestly I’m so feed up with you, I’m looking for a better alternative, your services is not that good and it hasn’t been fair to me since the beginning, you just held our crypto and funds hostage for you own trading to make profit using it, and kept increasing your limits and changing your terms, canceled my card without prior notice without any refunds, and finally disabling exchanging DAI without any prior notices. the least professional thing you can do is to be honest with me if this is only effecting my account, or if it’s a general issue effecting all your customers there should be a public post with updates about progress of fixing the issue.

I will be posting about your bad service everywhere i can to raise awareness of all this.

Hello there @laraaj , I am truly sorry about the issue you are facing. I will flag this to the support team again and they will get back to you as soon as they have an update.

Again, I’m really sorry about your experience. Please let me know if you didn’t receive any response. I will chase it up for you again. Thank you for your continued patience.

Thank you so much after your message, I got an email from the WirexAPP support with an
update about the issue, which explained that they will be updating me about the status of
DAI exchange in my account as soon as there is goin to be any change,
and then few days ago i got another email that confirmed DAI exchange has been activated
again in my account.

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Hello there @laraaj , glad to hear that you issue has been solved! Thank you :slight_smile:

Does anyone know here when you spend over $20000 on your Wirex card you get cut off to drop into the ocean with limbs! Warning this is what Wirex does!

I wanted to create a NEW topic, but wasn’t able to find. I hope to be redirected to correct support side.

Goodmorning everybody, I’m new to Wirex and having some troubles with the web access.
I’ll try to explain, but won’t be easy.
I’ve been using internet since the beginning: I bought my first modem in the 1986!. So I do know html, http protocols, SSL/TLS browsers and what’s under the hood.

I’ve been using now Firefox to navigate into Wirex and all other my stuff and try not to use other bad (read: unsecure) browsers like Chrome or Edge.

Now, I was able to login and use Wirex some times ago (days?)
I was able to send some BTC to my account and so I asked for the Wirex card.

At the moment I still havent activated 2FA (which anyway brings Wirex to use SMS to emulate sortof 2FA).
Yesterday my card has arrived and was able to login trough my Firefox, BUT after a single minute I was automatically disconnected and brought back to the login screen (no SMS was required).
I thought it was a problem with cookie token, so I deleted WIREX cookies.
I retried to login but, even if this time I was required to input the SMS code, the login lasted 1 minute and, again brought back to login without any warning.

I always use a set of security (antytracking) plugins, but I stopped them for Wirex (and discovered that, sadly, Wirex uses LOT of third scripting domains).
The fact is that now the only way I found to have my logon to last more than 60 seconds, is to use integrated EDGE browser (without any security shields, thing I really don’t like).

That said, is there a way to use again Wirex under Firefox? Which 3rd party subdomains HAVE TO BE ALLOWED?

Thanks a lot in advance.
P.S. Wasn’t able to find a support tiketing system

Hello, my card transactions are not working. I need to use the card. Please escalate my problem? The ticket is, (843057) my money is in GBP. I really need help.

My 1200 USDT transfer out from WireX to an external wallet has been pending since 11/5 (Wed). No matter how I contacted the staff of WireX online, the reply was just asking me to wait without provide a reason. I am about to quit WireX ssoonest if this situation persists. Now my money has been unresonably detained. What should I do? Should I go to UK police to make a report?