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Let us know what products and features that you would like to see within the Wirex platform.

Idea 1:
Right now, there is nothing preventing someone to just buy as many wirex tokens as they want and enjoy the btc rewards immediately and then just sell them.
What if the 50k, 250k and 500k Wirex tokens increase the reward by time?
You stack them and the reward increases up to 100% more.
50K: normally gives you 0.5% but if you keep them for at least:
1 month, it would give you 0.63%
2 month, it would give you 0.75%
250k: normally gives you 1% but if you keep them for at least:
1 month, it would give you 1.25%
1 month, it would give you 1.50%
500K: normally gives you 1.5% but if you keep them for at least:
1 month, it would give you 2.2%
2 month, it would give you 3%

That way, some people may think twice before selling because there would be a timing component that should be taken into consideration.
And the token would become more attractive and sooner you get it, sooner you get the final reward.

Idea 2:
Add more benefits, like:
2 a) Free travel insurance and rental car insurance excess coverage. Not a crappy one. I know some people that they keep a credit card only for this benefit.
2 b) 50% discount on one Streaming service (Disney+ or Netflix, etc)

Idea 3:
Some banks offer a refund of any amount you get charged when you withdraw money from a foreign bank (I’m talking about the fee of the ATM where you are withdrawing money). Wirex could make this refund in BTC.

Since soon we will be seeing the (ADA) Cardano open its Mainnet where many think it will change the idea of cryptocurrency through their PoS, could it be possible to implement such a coin over wirex? Do you think it could be suitable for the wirex users?

thanks in advance

Hi Wirex Teams,

Integrate Thai bath currencies, that’s can be a good idea. That’s not only for me, but a lot of people in Thailand use mobile phone to pay at any shop. I think to the local people can use thai baht can push them to us Wirex.

Also most people in Thailand use Satang Pro Exchance

Have a nice day.