Account blocked since 1 month

You are lying
I have been receiving such answers from a robot for almost a year

На нд, 20.02.2022 г. в 19:06 ч. Maryna via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <> написа:

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Yes they are lying its up to 3 months, I get thesame answer from them…I will take legal action, I won’t leave my money.

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To all those affected who have had their accounts blocked by Wirex without prior notification and have thus misappropriated their assets:

a) Make this crime public on the Internet. Report truthfully what Wirex has done.

b) Very important: Write an official complaint to Wirex. This is the first necessary step to get the legal process going. The email address for this

is: customercomplaints @ wirexapp . com [without spaces] Use the email address with which you are registered at Wirex. This complaint is kept very


Email subject: Official Complaint

Dear Sir or Madam,

I hereby lodge an official complaint.

What is my complaint about

My account has been blocked since [DATE] without giving any reason.
I therefore have no power of disposal over my coins stored with you.
What I would like you to do to fix it

Give me access to my account immediately.
Give me immediate access to my coins stored with you.
I hereby request all account statements and interest calculations on all my assets [fiat money and cryptocurrencies]. Send them to me immediately by

I will not accept any further delay.
If you do not meet the deadline, my lawyer will file a lawsuit against you in a Crown/High Court.

[Your Name]

c) Report the case immediately to Action Fraud. Wirex is already known there. You can call them or do it all online ==> www . actionfraud . police .

uk [no spaces] It’s free.

d) The director of Standard Tradings Authority is also already aware. The process of investigation is already in full swing. He will be informed

continuously when new cases are received.

e) Take screenshots of the community chats and keep your email correspondence between you and wirex well. This is all to preserve evidence.

Do not be put off by the “support staff”. They are only there to stall for time and to wear you down with this stalling tactic and to let the matter


Therefore, do not continue to waste your valuable time here in the community. You will get nowhere here. Just do all the above points in order. This

will help you reach your desired goal much faster.

Good luck to us all!

P.S.: Even if your account has not been blocked and you still have access to your account - you cannot seem to transfer coins from Wirex to external

wallet addresses. Basically, you have the same problem with this: Wirex is in possession of your assets and prevents the possibility of withdrawals.

Then rephrase the complaint accordingly. And be sure to communicate this to Action Fraud. I will also be happy to forward your case to the manager

of Standard Tradings Authority. He has also launched an investigation alongside Action Fraud and I am in direct contact with him.

Take action, because these discussions with the so-called “support” are useless. You are only being stalled by the support.

@WOLODIA56 @hibeedotdot @Int-Press-Journalist We are sorry for any inconveniences caused by the delay of your cases’ resolution. Unfortunately, such cases differ in duration due to various factors. We would appreciate your understanding.

Supervision Service of the Bank of Lithuania email to in addition you should also report to th regulator.

still no reply regarding (ticket # 3016488) and i think i will now receive an answer that i should wait a little but longer