Account Blocked since Feb 21

You have blocked my account, I completed the large number of personal and intrusive questions you asked…then nothing for months.

NOW you wrote to me asking me to answer the questions in the app (which would only take a few minutes). Clearly from the first interrogation I am happy to answer questions HOWEVER as you have blocked access to my account I can’t actually get to the questions!!!

I requested you email the questions to me, weeks and no reply!

What is going on? You are holding over $10,000 of my BTC and WTX!!! Will I ever see my money back?

I am only trying this service as you never reply to emails or twitter


you need to post your support ticket number here for help…without that the team cannot help you!

Hello @NiallA, we are sorry for the inconvenience. The relevant team has already updated you via the ticket.

Have a nice day!

#223341 dated 8th Feb is the relevant ticket.

Your update to me this morning was not an update merely a holding message saying is taking longer than expected (No Kidding!).

There has been work done as you have requested more answers to questions which are in my app BUT you have blocked my app.

I am not asking for anything other than these questions be emailed to me!

You do need to sort your support processes out but that is not my issue…I just want to provide the info you are looking for!

Hello Niall, I am sincerely sorry for this delay. I feel how unpleasant this situation is for you and ask you to accept our apologies for your experience.

According to our database, your request is being processed by our relevant team. Unfortunately, such requests cannot be handled by the support team directly. As soon as our relevant department has any news on this matter - they will, for sure, update you right away.

Warm Regards!

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Same for me.

I don’t expect ever to see my money again.

I don’t believe for one second you are “just a member of the community”.

Wirex uses that line to remove negative comments about the appalling service they offer.

I’m still wating…

How odd that you are all over this forum giving advice to people and yet elsewhere you claim to be “just a member of the community”.

You’re about as honest in this claim as the rest of the organisation is.

Dear @Blue, I would like to ask you to avoid flooding with messages as this is a violation of the Community Forum rules.

We appreciate your understanding!



Good to see you are still there. I do believe some action has occurred, but as I said above, I was requested to answer some questions in the app. I have no possibility to answer these questions as I cannot access the app as Wirex have blocked it.

Can you please escalate to the team they need to email the questions to me OR give access to the app back.


Hi @Niall_Andrews, it’s not a problem that you can’t answer these questions right now. You will be able to do this when the investigation of your case is over. Thank you for your patience.

Have a nice day!


Check your spam, I contacted them one time and found their reply in my spam a few weeks after :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: ridiculous!!!

Flooding? Don’t be ridiculous. I post less than one message a fortnight.

Two of my messages yesterday were merely agreeing with other posters.

You routinely use “ambassadors” to flag up negative posts so you can delete them.

Don’t worry - I won’t post again. I’m going to use Twitter and TrustPilot in future to draw attention to what a bad organisation you are.

Hello @amigopat, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Could you please clarify your request?

Thank you in advance!

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I have more or less the same issues as you have.
What I did is I created another account at another broker and simple sent my cryptos to my new crypto adress( every crypto has it’s own).
I now don’t have cryptos anymore on my wirex account, There’s only some money left on my wirex credit card on which I can’t get access for about two months now.
Anyway, good luck.

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Thanks, yes my brother and others I work with have taken same approach to get their crypto out. Unfortunately my entire account, including app access is blocked so that route is not open to me.

Glad you are resolved, I will just have to work with Wirex.

Hi @ Bartman67! Kindly provide us with the ticket number, so that we can look into your case further.


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Hi @Niall_Andrews! Please, note that our relevant department is processing this case. You will be updated immediately when the relevant team provides an update.

Best regards!

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