Account Blocked since Feb 21

My account has been unavailable for half a year, and after I deposited three thousand US dollars, I have not been able to verify my address. I have already applied for an address certificate with my local government twice, but there is still no information below.

Hello maryna,

The problem with your ticket numbers is that I can’t see in your reply what the issue is and the given input is missing.

I’ve reported issues many times, you closed them without solving and I don’t know to which one you exactly are referring to in this mail.

However, based on the topic ‘account blocked since feb’: if you check my name you must be able to see in your system that my account is blocked and for that you don’t need an old ticket number.

Now below the problem I realy like to be solved:
if you check your system, you can see that I have €122,03 on my Wirex credit card, but don’t have access to it.
I reported this many times and got a reply yesterday

Brds, Bart



Hello Maryna,

To make it easy for you, I created a new ticket 467061

Please check on my name and your specialists can see in a split second in their log files that every day, my transactions fail because my Wirex eurocard credit card is blocked.

My account has been unavailable for half a year, and after I deposited three thousand US dollars, I have not been able to verify my address. I have already applied for an address certificate with my local government twice, but there is still no information below. I have to apply for each application. Paid…, but three thousand dollars is lying there quietly and can’t be exchanged and used. I hope it can help me solve the problem.

Hi @ChenHuiChen, kindly provide us with the number of your ticket, so we can assist you further via email.


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Dear @Bartman67, we have escalated your case with the Support team and you will be updated as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

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I have same issue with wirex. I am blocked from my wirex account and app for months. After months withouth answer from wirex i start complaining here. i got mail from wirex where they requested numerous data from me. I have sent all documebts they wanted from me.
I still have not got any answer from them. I am very , very disapointed. If anyone ask me if wirex is good choice to use , i would strongly advised against it.
I am considering to hire lawyer to take care of my case

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Hello @ERNA_KOKALJ, we are sorry for such inconvenience. I have forwarded your case to the relevant team and they should update you soon.


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I had my account blocked from October 2020 to February 2021.
I sent all the relevant infos through the app, and got nothing.
Then I sent them again, just once, through the web using a pc (and not using the app on my phone) and got the account unblocked in few days.
Maybe it was just a question of luck, maybe it helps.


My Account has been blocked. My ticket of 463598 was closed without any attempt to sort it. Both desktop and app can not be logged into.

Hello Praful, thank you for taking the time to write to us. We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused. I have escalated this to our Support Team. They will update you via the ticket shortly.

Warm regards.

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I feel your pain, mate.

My account was locked back in December after years of using Wirex almost every day. I even brought a dozen of friends over. All my cash was clean and tax paid. I used Wirex Visa as my main card, made and received SEPA transfers, bought and sold different crypto.

Then my account was locked after I changed my residential address to re-order a card. I verified the new address successfully using official residence registration certificate. And after a few hours since the verification was complete and confirmed, my account was locked for good.

After reading your post and so many others, I am thinking of using my YouTube channel which over 30,000 followers to tell about reliable neobanks like N26 and Wise Transfer and to warn about dishonest ones like Wirex.


I have been following them on Twitter and shocked by how many people are affected. I have over £3k in there and can not access it at all. Support have still not got back to me. So annoying 4 weeks ago, they closed my ticket without even resolving the issue.



I really do appreciate the supportive comments. It has been since Feb, Wirex have been uncharacteristically helpful and gave me a transaction statement on request, seems my Bitcoin alone is now worth around $15,000 so I won’t be walking away anytime soon.



I have just received this email, I assume in error…

Don’t risk being blocked, Niall
As you know, [ we recently agreed to temporarily limit certain Wirex services to UK users following discussions with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). ]

However, it appears that you have made a cryptocurrency transfer to your Wirex account from an external exchange or wallet since the deadline on April 8th.

The temporary pause on UK operations mean that we are unable to process these transfers. As such, any UK user who transfers cryptocurrency to Wirex from an external exchanges or wallet risks having their Wirex account blocked.

My account was blocked in Feb so NO I could not have transferred anything in, is this a sign of activity by your team, or should I just ignore this!

Hello @NiallA, Wirex is not allowed to make transactions from the accounts of our users. We will forward this case to the relevant team.

Have a nice day!

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Thanks, may be something as simple as my name was added to a Marketting Comms list by accident. Be assured, as soon as Wirex blocked my account I made other arrangements so no monies would head towards that account.

Dear Niall, I can completely understand how unhappy you are because of this situation and I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. As I can see, this case is currently being processed by our relevant team. They will update you via the ticket directly.

Warm regards.

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I just don’t know what to do. My Wirex account has been blocked for 11 weeks!! I have been writing to the support team, but they only keep saying “we understand your frustration, but will come back to you as soon as we receive an update from the relevant team”. I have kindly asked the relevant team to contact me directly for any information. But communication seems to be a non existing option for these people. Yes, I am deeply frustrated! I am even a share holder (Crowdcube), but that doesn’t seem to count at all. I might have done something that is not accepted by Wirex, but then write to me, phone me, or just get in touch with me in one way or the other to enlighten me what that might be so that I can inform all my friends that I have recommended Wirex to what these errors or mistakes are!! This is very sad and extremely poor customer treatment from Wirex. Can anyone tell me what to do, please please???

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Dear @sveinbom, please be sure, the relevant team is looking into the case. We will notify you immediately once there is an update. And we kindly ask for your kind patience and understanding on this matter.

Have a nice day!