Account Blocked with funds on


is it normal to have an account blocked with a large amount of funds on?
I have opened multiple tickets.
It has been over five days now.
I just keep getting the response the department will be in contact.


My account is the same, was told it is not the right password - it is - support are not being helpful, just talking rubbish saying I am not trying to reset when i have done several time, its an absolute nightmare and I will report to financial authority, which does not help getting my money out

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for reply.
Yes, it seems to be a worrying trend, sadly.
I’m surprised management hasn’t picked it up this far.
I guess they are not paying attention to their own forums.


My card has been blocked since last week. I am going abroad tomorrow and have send several tickets. I do not Wantvto be stranded with no money. Please help.

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open a chat in Support not General Chat.
Hope you resolve before your holiday.