Account Blocked with funds on

Another week & still nothing…

Same here.

@Alexander_Wirex still no reply, you are hold the money !!! (ticket # 3016488)

Hi @Ivan, our team will check your reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation!


Wirex blocked my account suddenly and I don’t know exactly why, they never sent me any email about the matter. Also, I contacted support and no replies. I have money in my account. Is this now a scam? I just want to recover my funds.



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Ticket/Request ID: 3007736

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Same happened to me. Finally they have unlocked my account after 2 weeks but they took all my funds from my account. They have stolen from me 3000$ for a “debt” invented by them. THIEFS!!!

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Wirex FTX 2.0 ?

I made my first trade via Wirex today and when I requested payment in Bitcoins to my own wallet, my account was immediately blocked.

I see a great risk potential here and possible parallels to the FTX scandal. It’s very strange that when I pay out to my own wallet, my account gets blocked straight away.

I request immediate processing and full payout of my bitcoins. I would like to point out that I am a German police officer and will immediately take legal action against Wirex if the Bitcoin amount does not appear on my wallet within 7 days.


Exactly same issue, my account is blocked with a lot of money on it, please return my money back, i have provided you with the bank details, please return my money back (3016914)

I have been using wirex for a long time and you have all my savings! @moderators @Anastasiia_Wirex

Please escalate team.

also please join to our Wirex Discord Here : WirexApp Official

Hi @Friskable, the explanation was sent to you via email. If you still have any questions, please get back to us via ticket. I will pass your query on to the Support team. Best regards!

Hi @molzberger, thank you for contacting us here. We’ve passed your request to the Support team. You should be updated shortly. Best regards!

You can’t trust them if this happens, rather take your money out and just leave wirex let it go to nothing.

I’ve decided to just stop using Wirex in general after support was unable to update my email without going through the entire verification system over again. I have no money in my account fortunately, so I’ll just let it expire and warn anyone else if they ask my opinion of the company.

Too many people complaining about problems dealing with the company to risk it.

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Yip!!! I’ll do the same. (NYKNYC)

I’m still waiting, no news for now.

@Palangs04 I do not know who are you, but you are called super ambassador here, what does it mean? I still no reply, you are hold the money !!! (ticket # 3016488) i need to buy food

Hello @Aeoris, we are sorry about this situation. Our Support Team will update you shortly. Regards!

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