Account blocked

My account has been blocked for almost 2 months. No one helps me or answer me for support. What can I do?
I’m desperate because I need to move the money.


that is if you/we anyone get it back

truth. As soon as I can I take everything back


Seriously has anyone noticed how bitcoin is raising i think they blocked our account to use our money for trading only a month and and already in debt coz kf this y can’t they tell us why our accounts are blocked


Need my money

ya somos muchos en la misma situacion, efectivamente como esta subiendo el precio del btc estan reteniendo nuestro dinero- Yo ya puse una queja en Financial Ombudsman Services. Son unos estafadores.

They blocked my account on 25 dec after I received money from my friend and now they even blocked my login aswell so I can’t even go on chat to ask why and nobody reply to emails.
The only thing i can think of is send them email every morning to ask how is it going :laughing:


One more suffering the same situation. Started asking for some documents around November. Not having access to my money since then. Always same answer: the department still with my case. And no information about the reason about the block.

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Not sure if my account is blocked but my card is unusable due to me bot verifying it but still cant get a replacement card etc. The only way I can transfer money is by BIC or IBAN but petrified it will go missing. Just wish I could transfer local bank, would make me feel more secure and would invest more but ar present feeling uncomfortable, especially when I see so many in the same position.

can u still exchange it ? to litecoin for example ?
if so … do so … and then withdraw !
if not … maybe you won’t be able to log in soon …

I’m a boomer so struggle with everything. I do try to read up. My brother has suggested I send to him and he will deposit for me. He never has a problem and is always positive about Wirex. I dont know what litecoin is but checked accounts and only token, bitcoin, and gbp

me too !
more than 2 years that my account is verified,
they ask me again to do it, it failed, my account is block, 1 month after my account is deleted
i beg and i beg for that they send me back my btc
all time the same answer : " we working on that , please wait"
time to use justice and lawyer for a collective action
wirex make a scam exit ???

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Stesso problema.

Da informatico, sono riuscito a ricostruire degli spostamenti (non effettuati da me) all’interno della wirex, tutto trasformato in BTC e poi spedito in un Exchange esterno.

Questo dimostra che la banca wirex ha una back door! E tutti quelli truffati hanno avuto il conto chiuso.
Se la wirex dovesse ammettere di avere 1 back door fallirebbe all’istante e sarebbe cacciata dall’attività di banca.
L’unico modo per avere i nostri soldi è che wirex dica che c’è stato un problema nella applicazione app, e così potremmo riavere i nostri denari e cripto, (sicuramente wirex è consapevole anche del fatto che se facesse ciò tutti noi priveremo la banca wirex delle nostre criptovalute detenute dentro wirex (spostandole in portafogli off-line) trovandosi così con una pessima pubblicità e molti denari in meno.

Firma un italiano incazzato

I want to say, welcome at Wirex,
In the future, the crypto will work smoothly, but now it is relatively new and there are many mistakes and injustices on the part of users and providers.
good luck

Hi there,

My account has been blocked for a while now, I have emailed support many times and get zero reply, not even a ticket number, even the escalation email nothing, can you please advise what is going on with my account/Wirex…?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon please.

Thank you.

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