Account blocked

Hello @defi, we are really sorry that this is taking so much time for you. I’ve escalated the case again and will do my best to speed up the process from my side. Kind regards!

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you account will sure ok sir’ when the team escalated it.,

please someone help me, I have the same issue, my account is blocked and I have all my money there, when will i receive my funds? @moderators @Yuliia_Wirex

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team will resolve it sir.

Hello, when will this happen? you said “few” business days, and few has passed. I need to buy food and pay rent. You are holding the money. You have my bank account, just give me my money back

those are my savings i need money to live

Hi @Ivan, we are sorry for the delay, our team will check the provided bank details at the nearest time. Regards!

Hello, please can you provide me the timeline i need the money to buy things. Why is it taking so long to transfer it? can you send me the confirmation that the money was sent?

why can’t you just give me the access to the account and i will withdraw all money myself, i already regret i put all my savings to your account. But please be humans, I do need to live somehow. this is just common sense.