Account blocked

Dear Community
I would like to submit a very important issue I am experiencing since more than one month and I cannot have any support from WIREX
My account has been fully blocked since more than 6 weeks and I have no clue why this happened
I keep sending tickets to the support who kindly answers me that my ticket is under review and I have just to wait
I have a quite important amount blocked which I cannot dispose of and it’s getting difficult as I need my money to live and my card to make purchases well just to live.
I have no possibilities to get a phone number to reach them out
Can anyone hep me find a solution

  1. to reach the right support person
  2. to get the reason why My account is inaccessible, neither is my card
  3. to get my money back
    In March we will no longer be able to use our VISA card

Thank you for your support
Jean Loup Veron


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