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Dear Sir or Madam, I hereby file a formal complaint. My account has been blocked since 08/10/2021 for no reason. I therefore have no power of disposal over my items stored with you. What I would like you to do to fix it Give me access to my account immediately. Give me immediate access to my parts stored with you. I hereby request all account statements and interest calculations on all my assets [fiat money and cryptocurrencies]. Email them immediately. I will not accept any other delay. If you miss the time limit, my solicitor will file a complaint against you in the Crown/High Court. [Deborah]


hello , i understand your frustration sir , suggest you create a request here Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone

Hope your concern solve asap :heart:

I have already made my request several times to the service but never nothing

Envoyé de mon iPhone

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@Moderators :heart:

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Please unlock my Wirex account


drop your ticket bro so thay mods will escalate your concern :heart:


My request ticket 1215220
My account is locked for no reason, please unlock it as soon as possible. It’s been 3 days and still no results

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It will fix soon.

Warm regards.

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My Account has been blocked for months, get no satisfaction contacting Wirex support. Latest I got an email regarding change of address, I have not moved address?? Can someone please open my account asap. Kind regards Barney

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Moderators/Super Ambassadors, can someone please respond to my post 10days ago and unlock my account asap. Regards, Barney

Hi please explained on the email that you not moved sir.

Hello there @Porkchp33 , sorry for the late response. Can you please share your latest ticket reference number with me so that I can chase it up for you?

ChienChien_Wirex my latest ticket reference is 1228054. Would appreciate if you could unblock my account asap. Thank you

Hello there @Porkchp33 , thanks for sharing. Let me chase it up for you with the support team. They will get back to you as soon as they can. Thank you and please keep me posted.

This is Porkchop33.
Any word