Account closed permanently

I just had my account permanently closed since it was blocked last year . I had no access to the account all these months and my money was locked . Just last week I got an email to say they have decided to close my account permanently but will not disclose the reason behind it .
Also they said they will give me my money back which they kept over 8 months now but I haven’t received my money yet . So disappointed with wirex management system and will never use their service any more even in future .
Am sure they have benefited from my money which they kept the last 8 months .
Disappointed customer


Have you yet received? I’m in same position
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No I am still waiting up to now. He problem is they say 7-10 days but they don’t say when this starts . Like when does the counting of the days starts .

Did they send you an email saying that your account will be closed permanently and that you have to provide details soon to send you the money and bitcoins back they’ve sent me the same email and I replied with the details but I then had to email the support and come on here to make sure they’ve received the details so once you’ve sent those details did actually reply after after

Yes they asked me to send them details and I did and they responded to say it will take 8-10 days to heal in my account . And am still waiting for the money

Could you please upload screenshot of your reply, I think matters now are taking a turn for the worse and we must prepare not to receive! @Macdush

Hi everyone, I will be moving this thread into the support channel section on the forum as that way one of our support team members will be able to assist you directly. Please remember to share your support ticket numbers or send your support ticket reference number to the email

Thank you so much.

I received such email too. I just tranfered some Wirex token to Fiat money recently and that’s all. I don’t know why they locked my account permanently, it’s ridiculous!
Although i gave them Wallet address but still haven’t got any fund return so far. For 2 weeks.
My ticket no. #626634

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Hello sir @andrewtong

Let me tag the @moderators for you but im sure our relevant team is working to your concern right now…

Sorry for the experience youre having. Regards.!

It is ridiculous and never will I join this bank again . 8 months they have been keeping my money .

Hi @andrewtong! Please, refer to the information provided to you by our relevant team in this ticket and respond to it for any additional questions.

Kind regards!

Hi @Macdush! Please, refer to the information provided to you in ticket 617483.

Kind regards!

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Dear Maryna

My ticket no. #626634

I had already replied to the original email issued by your relevant team on 11/8 on last Friday but no response up to now. My account is locked on 11/8, it’s about 2 weeks but seems no follow up action has been taken.
i have given your team my Wallet address, but don’t know why I still haven’t got any fund return so far for 2 weeks.


Hi there. @andrewtong im sure they continuing fixing your account sir.


Hi Maryna,I responded to the email that was sent . I sent the details they asked me . And they said I will get my money back in 8-10 days . Up to mow am still
Waiting .
Best regards

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You will get it sir.

also thanks for the patience you have :heart_eyes:

Hi @andrewtong, as far as we can see, the refund request is processing by our team, we have escalated it to speed up the process and the funds should be credited to your accounts at the nearest time. We are sorry for the delay. Regards!

Hello @Macdush, please accept our apologies for the long wait. We have escalated this case and the funds should be credited at the nearest time. Warm regards!

Hi I am in the same place. Promised my money back in 10 days (and it has been more than double that now) and so far nothing and no replies as the ticket has been closed. It has been 7 months with my money being held by wirex at a time when my family really needs it - which I have relayed to you but have seen nothing back and it is in the multiple thousands of £. This is a pretty awful customer experience.
The ticket number is 724926

Hello @stevkeeg8, we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing this.

I have escalated your case to our relevant team, they will update you shortly today.

Best regards!