Account closed permanently

Hello ,
My request number is 2923520 .
I have opened an account with wirex because my brother wanted to send me some money in BTC but after i received the money few days later my account was blocked and i cant enter my funds i get the message that verfication is needed and it can take up to 24hours but its all most few weeks a go and they still asking for documtenst from my bro signed and adres verfication of my brother . but the problem my brother is not responding to me and i just want to get the funds and close my account but they are not responding or they are very slowly .

I hope i can get some help here and it will speed up the procces to get my funds.


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Hello :hugs: thank you for dropping your ticket number here … Sorry for the delay processing the support team will surely contact you once they done solving your case.

Have a great day :relaxed:

Hello @nae, the relevant team is working on your case and will check the provided reply as soon as possible. Regards!

Hello Yuliia

I still didnt get any response from wirex

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@nae You will be updated once it is possible. Best regards!

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They contact you once it’s done.

Hello Yullia

I got an email from wirex today they wanted me to provide them with an IBAN I did that
but you find it normal that they will charge £30.00 for this .

here is an copy of that email

I will update you once i receive the money and i will update how much they charged me

As a regulated business, we need to adhere to relevant rules and regulations which means we sometimes require our customers to provide us with additional information. We previously contacted you with a request to provide us with additional information concerning your Wirex account.

As we have not received an appropriate reply to our request, we are therefore compelled to terminate your Wirex service.

In regard to the outstanding funds on your account, please provide us with the details of an external GBP/EUR bank account to which you would like the remaining funds to be transferred.


Beneficiary Name Beneficiary IBAN Beneficiary Bank Swift Code Payment reference Receiver Address Post code Receiver city Receiver country


Beneficiary Name Beneficiary IBAN Beneficiary Bank Swift Code

Please note: We are unable to transfer your funds internally to another Wirex customer. A fee of £30.00 will be deducted for processing the transfer.

We will only update you on the progress of this refund once it has been completed.

If you believe this notice is a mistake and have provided us with the requested information, please reply to this message and a member of our team will be in touch.

Thank you for your interest in Wirex.

Kind regards,

Wirex Review Team

Hi @nae, the fee for the bank transfer is 30 GBP, unfortunately, we cannot change it. Regards!

I have an crypto account but they didnt gave me this option to withdraw .
I have crypto account with cryptopay website
If its the only option i will wait .I hope it will not take long .

I will update here when i receive the money.

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Hello palangs,

How long will it take till they send me the funds?

thank you,

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Hello @nae, unfortunately, we cannot provide an ETA on this case and the refund will be process as soon as possible.

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no exact eta but it will sooner

Hello Palangs

I still didnt receive it i dont know why it take that long.
But now i cant ulso login to the account ,now i can ulso not see how much its going up or down the fund that i have, and i will ulso not know at wich price they will exchange it to send it to me.

Hello @nae, we are sincerely sorry for this issue, we have escalated your case to speed up the process. Regards!

its ok that you are sorry but I still can not know at wich rate you exchanged .
They told me they will charge 30GBP for the transaction what is really high fur an transaction.
And i accepted that but now they blocked me to see at wich rate they exchanged this is really strange.
I understood that you have rulls that you have to follow but i want to get my right as well.
I will update here once i get the funds and if i m satisfied with the handling of this.


Hello, i get the message, that my acount has been permanently blocked. There was nothing written abaut refunding the money. Can I expect that they will contact me regarding that? Or I just seend my bank details?

@Klmitr We have forwarded this inquiry to our Support team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

SORRY for the delay.

I still didnt receive any think its just strange we are in 2022 and it take so long . with all others it take maximum up to 5 working days .
why is wirex working like this .

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