Account closure and return of funds

I have had my account locked without explanation since December 2020.

Finally August 13th 2021 I receive email saying my account is closed and they can’t tell me why.

They ask for bank details and crypto address to return my funds… I have sent them a reply with the requested details multiple times.

I message support and was told they didn’t receive my replies. I message again and support asks me send to them and they forward to relevant department.

I send the details to support and
Receive no reply… support email
Now inactive!

I submit request online and email
All the emails I have for wirex looking for help.

No answer!!

I come here as last option. Please help
Me get My funds I have provided the information needed please confirm it’s received and send funds

Many thanks in advance to anybody kind enough to help


@Anastasiia_Wirex @Yuliia_Wirex @Maryna_Wirex @ChienChien_Wirex @Ali_Wirex @Fadzhana_Wirex @Jenny_Wirex @Gus_Wirex @Pavel_Wirex

Please help

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Hi there @Cr95 ! :sun_with_face:

It’s been awfully long time, so I am glad you have come to the right place and hope your issue gets resolved as soon as possible. If you could give your ticket numbers, it might help to speed up the process. Please hang on tight, the customer support has been notified and on their way to assist you.

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The ticket number for most recent email sill all information is 644037

The ticket number for the email they sent asking for bank details is 630373

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Hello @Cr95, we are sorry that you did not receive a prompt reply to your case. I have forwarded your request to the relevant team and your funds should be returned at the nearest time. Regards!

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Hope your concern will be fix soon sir.

Have a great and calmly day :hugs::heart_eyes:

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@Yuliia_Wirex can you please confirm they have received the details of where to return the funds please. I have been having problems getting them to confirm they have received details at Natalia in support has told me they didn’t receive my previous replies

Still received no reply. It’s been a week since they have asked me for details to return the funds. I’m highly disappointed ted considering my account has been locked since December and I’ve been given no reason at all, now I’m having to chase you for my own money. @Yuliia_Wirex @Anastasiia_Wirex @ChienChien_Wirex @Gus_Wirex @Ali_Wirex @Pavel_Wirex @Maryna_Wirex @Fadzhana_Wirex @Palangs04 @crypto3y3

All of my tickets were ‘closed by the system’ I’ve been told that’s why I’ve only just received a reply now from support a full 48hours after the last reply.

I want it to be confirmed please that they have my details and let me know when the payment will be made.

My accounts been closed with no explanation and they’re dragging their heels in Giving my own funds back !

A week ago they asked for me to provide details. I did so the same day

@Yuliia_Wirex @Anastasiia_Wirex @Ali_Wirex @Pavel_Wirex @Maryna_Wirex @Fadzhana_Wirex @Palangs04 @crypto3y3

Dear @Cr95, please be informed that we have forwarded your bank details to the relevant team so they can proceed with the refund. But to process the refund, our team need some time. Do not be worry, your case was not forgotten and the tickets are closing because we have the main active ticket on your case which is open - 630373. Thank you for your understanding.

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I find it incredibly frustrating that I have to come
And post publicly in order to get any sort of help from the support team. Poorly coordinated staff and even poorer organisation of reading and replying to emails.

To make a refund they need time… my account has been locked since December 2020 and I was informed it has been permanently closed on the 13/08/2021 it’s today the 21/08/2021 and I still haven’t received my refund.

It’s not very complicated to send BTC nor send a bank transfer in today’s day and age. I fail to see what time they need?

This overall sums up very well many people’s experience with wirex. Slow customer support, unexplained time frames and more than anything a complete lack of explanation throughout.

I’ve been given no answer, no apology and no help for months and now I’m finally on the cusp of accessing my own funds again! But not until wirex have had the last laugh!


I raise a toast to all of those that work in customer service for this company. You guys are amazingly brave to stay on a ship that is so
Obviously sinking.

Fading shout:


Dear @Cr95, we apologize that the resolution of your case is taking so much time, but we are doing our best to sort it out as soon as possible.

The point of this delay is such cases are processing by our relevant team manually, therefore, it could take some time.


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