Account locked for proof address

okay Ill wait thank you

Is there any update on this?? Its been 3 days I still did not receive any email update regarding my verification,

The issue has been forwarded to our Verification team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

Was there any update? Hello?

Hi @louie1! We see on our side that you have already been updated via email. Please, check your mailbox including the SPAM folder just in case.

Kind regards!

This is real about wirex? ???

We just wanna know that… @Pavel_Wirex can u tell to all of wirex guest

Dont block me im now just ask u questions :no_mouth:

It been 1 week already and I still not receiving any updates about my verification​:sob: I already send the documents needed via Email, But it seems like there are still no update regarding this issue, Why is it so hard to get verified in your system? I’m fighting for this for almost 1 week but your team seems not handling this as a serious matter​:pleading_face::sob: I’m asking for help because you are the only one who can help me, Please verify my account, i need an access with my funds.

Hi @louie1! The issue has been forwarded to our Verification team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

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I hope so

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WHAT’S UP??? Its been a week since I contacted your support but until now there is no action!!! I’ve been fighting for this in a week, But it seems like you don’t have any concern with this matter!!! I’m asking for your help since no one can help me aside from your team only!!! But you still not able to fix this issue! My funds are stuck on the app which I can’t access because you can’t even verify my account for whatever reason or you just want to hold to my funds tho!

If you are doing any action regarding this you should fix this in just a few minutes or days, but It took a week and yet you can’t still help me! What kind of customer support is this ! So poor! I do not have any patience on this matter as I’m waiting for too much !!!

All I want is to get verified my account so that I can get my funds but yet you are not doing any actions! DO ACTION IMMEDIATELY! IT TAKING SO LONG !


Dear @louie1, as we can see, our verification team has updated you recently, and unfortunately, we do not have additional information right now. Once there is an update - our team will contact you. Regards!

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Hello is there any update on this? its been 2 weeks already.

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Hello @louie1, as we have mentioned, once there is an update - our team will contact you.

Last time wirex really lock my acc 8month

The terms and conditions are all what you said, and there is no sympathy for the customer at all. Investigate in more places.

Hi @Koo. We see on our side that the remaining funds were sent to you several months ago. We are sorry for any previous delays and inconveniences.

Kind regards!

But you unreasonably asked the customer to wait for you for more than 8 months. time is money. I told you that cash is extremely needed because people using wirexcard in other countries can’t get money at all. Daily email to wirex. I did not ignore what I needed at the time. I was blocked when I asked in the wirex community. There is no guarantee for customers at all. Wirex, what is your attitude? ? ?

@Koo Please, note that this was conducted under our legal obligations. Please find more details regarding this situation following this link:
Why is my account blocked / frozen?. Warm regards.

Have you ever considered that using the law you talked about in this way is an abuse? I have used countless companies, but only the wirexcard company is for me. Am I your customer? Are you human?

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