Account locked for proof address

Its almost a month now and my refund still not processing. You lock my account without telling my violation, I have a remaining balance on my acc. I already send my bank detail through email but there is no response at all. :pensive: This is getting worst.

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This is trap??? So use wirex customer need take care… :thinking:Right?

I don’t accept your sorry, how can you compensate for wasting my precious time? . time is money. After you play, I just say sorry. It’s useless. At that time, I sent out emails every day for more than 8 months. I was begging for food on the streets of other countries and you never paid attention. I only had wirexcard at the time. . . You pushed the problem crazy and said I was illegal. I asked the police and he said I was normal, so you need to explain that it is illegal for customers to buy something in the supermarket. Speaking


Are you worthy of the client for doing things like this?

And I keep asking you, you didn’t explain the problem in detail, but only blocked me from the wirex community. . . Everyone likes my post and appreciates my post, why do you want this

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That’s really sad to hear your experience, hope you are ok. You are absolutely right. Banks will never do that and companies like Wirex ruined peoples believe in crypto.

I’m waiting one and a half years, even when they unblocked my account I can’t login. Imagine that. Of course the relevant team is handling it. Just can’t believe they still here


I’m in the same boat as you are. It’s so frustrating. I hope a solution comes soon.
Had never thought Wirex would be like that. I have, oddly enough, a little bit of confidence that things are probably going to get better.
Let’s hope.

It’s so frustrating you can do nothing.

@louie1 The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

I can see Facebook, Tg, reddit hv many group say about Wirex sxxxx :dollar:.

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@Koo Everything was explained to you via email and the funds were returned accordingly. Thank you for having used our services.

@Patlimkh The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

@Michal8000 Please let me assure you that the issue has not been forgotten and the relevant team is currently working on it.

Me 2. :cry:。i feel yr hurt

I asked you 100 times and you didn’t reply 99 times. I asked you to be discouraged. Still waiting for your reply. . . . . Do you have any problems with your company? ?

Hello @Koo, please clarify your question.

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Heyy? Is there any update regarding my refund request for the remaining money iny lock account? It been a now from now, you alwags say you will give an update as soon as possible but weeks have passed and there is still no update from your side. It taking so much time😞 So disappointed about your service.

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You, wirex team doesn’t have any concern with the feelings and impact of this delay to your customers you always say you will update me regarding this but you didn’t even do that! Can you please do an action with this??? its been a month since I give my bank details for you to send my remaining funds in my account but you still not sending it! You are holding the money I work hard without any clarification about my violation, Please take action with this. Your customer service is very poor, I’m very disappointed. I need my money back, You don’t even update me regarding this matter since I contacted you a months ago !

@louie1 We are sorry for this unfortunate delay. The issue has been escalated.

Hello?? Whats up?? there is still no update regarding my refund. Are you working on it? Its been a month already i already provided my bank details and you still not sending my money back.

@louie1 The issue has been escalated to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

My Refund was ready to be sent to me two months ago but because I was asked for information my bank doesn’t have like IBAN I am still waiting! When am I getting my refund? You have no reason to withhold it and please don’t ask me for my latest support tickets because I don’t have any and I have been told NOT to request any! Just send me my refund posthast if you please @6355