Account locked for proof address


We understand your frustration and anger as this may cause difficulties in some of your cases.

Wirex is a reliable and reasoned community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, there may be a small refund delay.

If ever, you can contact the live chat to have a person who can follow you in your difficulties that you encounter!

Thank you!

Hello, my account was restricted out of nowhere with no warning, I have ETH on there and will lose money if it drops and I have no access to it, this is unacceptable service!

I provided my POA and am still stuck in an endless loop on the app with no ability to get into the account, it just asks me for proof again!

When are you going to treat your customers properly and how you can you fix this ASAP?

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do you have an update for me ( ticket #1474638 )
I have submitted all the required documents!
I need the money fast!

Hi @Ged_Brewis, thank you for bringing this to us. We’ve passed your ticket to the relevant team to speed up the process and you should be updated as soon as possible. Best regards!

Hi Wirex, I have been locked out of my account for 6 days now for unknown reasons. Can someone please let me know what is going on?

I am anxious as my funds in there is for my families expenses. Please have empathy on others situation.

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Hello Sir :hugs:
We sincerely sorry for the situation you have facing right now. I know how frustrated you are like others customer. I hope it solve as soon as possible. Let me tag you the @moderators :heart:

Thank you.

You can also create a ticket here.

Hello @cAL1ntz, we are really sorry to hear about that. We’ve passed this case to the Support team, they will get in touch with you soon.

I had created 2 X tickets. Wirex moderator kept telling me somebody will look into it but when? Here is my ticket number
1673309 and 1711947. Thank you

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Dear wirex support, how can you guys offer the x-savings account then just suddenly lock the account without any notice?

Doesn’t it occur to you that the funds can be someone’s life savings or savings for something important? Or wirex just lock and take someone’s money just like that?

Please communicate with your customer. It is an unpleasant experience! Let me know what can I do to unlock or get my funds back. Is there a complaint department to get this escalated?

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Hi @cAL1ntz, the relevant team is checking your case right now. You will be updated via ticket as soon as it is possible. Regards!

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Hi Wirex support any update?

Hi Wirex, I worked hard to save my funds in wirex. I am not sure why you lock my account ? If this is AML issue let me know, I can show you my source of funds. Please kindly look into this asap.

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Hello @cAL1ntz, we can assure you that once our Support agent receives any update on your case - you will be informed immediately. Regards!

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Any update?

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@cAL1ntz Let me apologize for the delay in replying to you.

Please let me assure you that the issue has not been forgotten and the relevant team is currently working on it.

I need access to my account to use my funds! please help!! What is going on? This is a horrible experience. I need my money ASAP! Stop delaying I have bills to pay and need my money to buy medicines too!

Hello @cAL1ntz, you were recently updated, please check your mailbox.

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Hi Yuliia, I checked my email, all I can see is response from the moderator that you guys are sorry and the issue will be look at as soon as possible. There is no response to my ticket of why my account is lock and what can I do or how long it will take to resolve the issue. Please have a heart to help. This is giving grief to my family!

Dear @cAL1ntz, we see that our Support team has already provided the reason for the suspended account. Please check our emails once again. Regards!