Account verification delay

Hello @rafaelmonzo, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed update.

As I can see our agent has already sent you an update. Could you please check your mailbox and reply directly via ticket 253120?

Thank you in advanced!

I am getting frustrated with the hundreds of emails I am getting to order a new card while my account has been in verification since August 2020.I see my money and can’t do anything with it. I have received dozens of tickets with the same explanation…I apologize for the anger but can this finally be resolved or can you deposit my money into my account. Then may my account be closed.
Kind regards

Dear @Moemoe80,

We completely understand how you feel about this situation. You have every reason to be frustrated since your request is being processed for a long time and still was not resolved.

Our relevant team is looking into this issue and we will get back to you when there will be an update.


Dearest Wirex Team,

I have the same problem with my address verification, since February 15. I have uploaded the documents requested and I am still waiting. I even can’t order my new card since my account is still in status verification. I have submitted a request (311746) and would highly appreciate if you could help. I fully understand that you are working hard and respect your work. So please be that kind and advise what I need to do. Thank you.

I have also the same problem, I’ve sent numbers of requests and emails and have not even had any response

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Can anyone set up a web forum so we can bring these issues to the mainstream and alert potential victims of this wirex scam

Hello @Didi, we are sorry this unpleasant situation occurred.

This case has been escalated to our Verification Team. They will contact you via the ticket shortly.

Best regards!

Hello @Mustangmike, I am sorry for the inconvenience caused by our verification process.

I have just escalated your verification inquiry to our relevant team, they will take a look and provide you with an update as soon as possible.

Warm regards.

Dear Anastsiia,

I was contacted because of the verification and has done it. It worked. Thank you so for your support, I highly appreciate.

Stay safe.



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Dear @Didi, thank you so much for your feedback!

I am glad to hear that the issue is resolved. Should you have any other questions you are welcome to contact us.

Have a nice day!

Same thing happening with me i been waiting from 3 weeks after the reply from ticket. I have provided the right documents and still haven’t verified yet.

Dear @Sukhdeepssingh, as I see, your account has been successfully verified. Have a nice day!

Hello - I am having real problems with my account. 1) There is no linked account that I can use to add money from am external account. 2) No one has told me how I can send money from my Wirex accoint to one my externlaal bank accounts (without me having to go to a hole in the wall) 3) I have been unable to buy any crypto with my Wirex GB account for months. Please can someone help sort out my issues. Thank you.

Hi @Turtle158! The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

What seems to be the problem? I use Wirex regularly and I have no issues what so ever. The support is a bit slow but it is a good service.

My account hasn’t been verified it been 4 days

Hello please I’m New to Wirex account I became a member 3days ago and my account is still verifying, I speak with so many customers service :robot: none of them solve my verification issue

Ticket ID: #1570099

Please help me out on my account

Solve my verification problem😩 I’m getting tired already

Ticket ID: #1570099

Hello please, solve my verification issue

Ticket ID: #1570099