Account verification

Hello my account was already verified when I created it, you still ask me to verify my account, I sent the documents but it is still under verification

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i want you to help me as fast i need my money

Same problem, 6 days i cannot use my money. Noone answer from support.

Soooo slow!

This really isn’t acceptable when it’s supposed to be done within 24 hours.

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Hola, mi cuenta ya estaba verificada cuando la creé, todavía me pide que verifique mi cuenta, envié los documentos pero aún está en verificación y llevo 20 días sin operar con wirex y no entiendo porque tarda tanto es vergonzoso .

Good night my ticket is (1422874)

I no longer know how to solve this problem once and for all.
I have already sent lots of emails, they ask to wait but then nobody ever takes an initiative to resolve it.
How do I do the card verification since I have been waiting for almost a year?
It is becoming annoying, since I have my money blocked for months and months and it seems that nobody cares to solve it.
I have bills to pay, family and nobody thinks about it.
I ask you to help me solve this problem that lasts almost a year without anyone worrying.
It is Christmas and at this point how people need money.


José Teodoro

Pls help to follow up the address verification, i have upload the documents over 2 days. Thank

My ticket number is 1798074 and I am still waiting for my account verification. My son’s birthday is coming up and I need to transfer funds.

Support please help speed up the process, I understand how busy you are.

Hi there, what’s is happening I’ve been using my wire account And card normally and it seems they pretty sweet with multiple currencies and fees not to outrageous etc…
now jusr recently I’ve made a few large transactions Then suddenly I need to get verified of my address. Ok no dramas I’ve send it the most up to date bank statement which wirex required one of such utility bill, bank statements, tax return etc…
And yet it’s been more then a week like 8-9 days if I’m not wrong and still I’m not verified and can not access my funds.
BTC is dropping and initially I had a Value funds of BTC $2500 and it’s was up to like 2600 plus and now dues to I can not transfer out or anything with my BTC now it’s only $2250 AUD I’ve lost 200-300 bucks already this Is sux…so to say it’s frustrating!!!
When will I able to access my funds ???


I’m really sorry to say and I do apologise Guys but This is really SUX… !!!
I’m trying to contact them directly and soon found out the font have a call line!!!
I’ve search every where on the net they do not have a customer service line at all what so ever!!!
It stated once you send in your docs you ge up dated in a few min the latest is 24hrs yet it’s bern 8-9 days for me and multiple emails with my undated doc they required yet I’m still not verified and can not access any of my funds !!!
I’m fed up…keep emailing them with no response!!! :rage::rage::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Wirex is sooooo slow to respond!!!..I just changed device upgrade & now I’m blocked from my account!!!..all my other crypto wallets No Problem!!!..just Wirex!!!..
Time is money & the markets are exploding right now!!..God I’m so angry

I know how you feel…WTH???
Sooo slow to respond to valued customers

Very,very Angry

Please help I am waiting for you guys to verify my account…


I have submitted my address verification for 2 days but there is no respond .

Please help to check and free to contact me

Hi @Zac_Kinggram , I’m so sorry that you’re experiencing this delay. I will chase this up for you. Our support team will follow up with you through email as soon as they can. Thank you

Hi @Qendresa, I have chase this up for you. Our support team will follow up with you through email as soon as they can. Thank you

Hello @TANGAROA I am sorry to hear about the problems that you are facing. Can I know if you have raised a support ticket for this?

Hi there @cheung_kin , can you possibly send me a private message? Just click on my name and then click on message. Thank you

Hello @Httsang , could you please give me your ticket number so that I could chase this up for you. Thank you!