Account verification

Hello @Perkyirie I’m so sorry for the late response. Could you please help me clarify have your issue been solved? It not I’ll chase this up for you again. Thank you

I’m soo sorry that you’re experiencing this late response @DRAGONMAU. Could you please send me your ticket number, so that I can flag this to our support team again.

Hi @karlosfrankish I’m so sorry that you’re experiencing this late response. Could you please send me the ticket number so that I can chase this up for you. Thank you!

Hello everyone, please verify my account since i want to continue shopping.

Hello Support. I have been waiting to have my account verified since December 23rd. I answered an email request to provide POA. I have a ticket number 108261/108647. I don’t know what or how to do this. I find it all so confusing. Please help!

Sorry for your experience @Neslihan . Are you able to please raise a ticket with the Support team?
Please follow the instructions:

  1. Click this link:
  2. Choose your issue.
  3. Describe your issue
  4. Submit a request
    Thank you

Hi, I am waiting for verification, it’s been almost a month now. I uploaded my documents again two weeks ago and there is still no answer from Wirex.

Can you help me please ?

Have a great day !

Ticket n° : 103894
Thanks a lot !

Hello everybody
My wirex account has still not been activated. Can you please arrange this as soon as possible.
I would like to shop.

Hi everyone, I will be moving this thread into the support channel section on the forum as that way one of our support team members will be able to assist you directly. Please remember to share your support ticket numbers or send your support ticket reference number to the email

Thank you so much.

@ChienChien_Wirex @Ali_Wirex I have created my ticket no 140507. Please, it has been 2 weeks.

Hi @Neslihan,

Your case has been escalated to the verification team. They will contact you shortly.

Best wishes!

Team Wirex,

I was told after 8 days the funds would be returned to my account?..,I’m still waiting
Please advise