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Hi my name is Joseph, I’ve been having trouble with Wirex for the past three weeks. I can’t withdraw from my account because it’s on verifying I have send all the details they ask for my passport, driving license and bank statement. They seem not to care much about my predicament. I send more than 15 emails to them with no response from them they make me experience the worst Christmas and new year I can remember. Can anyone please help

Hello, I’m Kristina. I have the same problem. More than a month my address verification in process… my account doesn’t work, I can’t do everything with it: exchange bitcoins, use my money, do payments… Before everything was fine and the same documents were accepted, but now it doesn’t work. I send for 20 emails but nobody answered me … What should I do more and how long I have to wait???

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I have the same problem. They frozen my account because of verification and don’t respond on any complaints. I get the same answer over and over again. What can I do???

My advice to you is this, is not like Wirex are crooks, they are just incompetent in their job. I went through the same problem with them it takes more than a month before my account was verified and I was having $1200 in my account at the time but fortunately for me the bitcoin shoot up so by the time they verified my account my money accumulated a profit of $1900 which brought my total amount to $3100 but I was still upset with them and I cancel their service with me and my company. So just be patient and keep on sending emails to the support group you eventually be verified.


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