Add funds from paypal NOT supported


I want to point out that unlike what you communicate

the transfer of funds from paypal to wirex is NOT supported.

following the steps indicated on your page, at the penultimate step (“Select your Wirex card.”) we stop because paypal says that the wirex card does NOT support this type of transfer (see screenshot). We have tried this in several people and we all have the same result

So please notify your technicians of this thing and if possible solve it together with paypal


hello?is anybody there?


Hi @moderators

@proximus89 Thank you for your feedback and reporting this. We have forwarded this to our relevant team for further consideration.

ok thanks, please update me when you have a response

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youll get a reply sir via email

Hi @proximus89, we can see that you were already updated via ticket yesterday. Please check your mailbox and its Spam/Junk folders. Best regards!

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Hi @Alexander_Wirex,

a ticket has never been opened regarding this report. Maybe you get confused with another ticket (1995297) which was resolved but it was for another matter.

About this problem I wrote in chat with your assistant, who asked me to contact paypal and ask them why there is this problem. Paypal contacted me by phone a little while ago and they told me, as I expected, that it is the card management system that does not allow the transfer at the time of the request and therefore the problem is on yours side.

@proximus89 I am sorry for the confusion. Thank you for clarifying the situation.
Let me clarify the situation with PayPal. You can add/link the Wirex card to your Paypal account for payments. When you are on shopping sites, for example, you can choose Paypal as a payment method and use your Wirex card to pay.
However, it is not possible to top up your Paypal account with a Wirex card. Best regards!


yes it is exactly like that. I can connect the card to paypal and use it to pay. However, I CANNOT add funds to my wirex account from my paypal balance.

On your site, however, as you can see in the first screenshot, you literally say that it is possible to add funds to wirex from paypal balance

https:// wirexapp. com/blog/post/link-your-wirex-account-to-paypal-0447 (remove spaces in URL)

So are you telling me that what is written on your web page is not correct? in this case I recommend changing it :slight_smile:

@proximus89 Thank you for noticing this. I’ve passed this to the relevant team so that it can be corrected. Kind regards!

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