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Do you have suggestions or feedback after using the Wirexapp platform in the US? Then please don’t hesitate to leave all thoughts in the comments section below.

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Need help with ticket 1154954. Unable to withdraw, send or anything

Hey @dirkdig07 just wanted to check that the above has now been resolved for you? Thank you

I can not find where to ask about account verification, I have been waiting for a very long time all of the posts are from a long time ago

And I have requested answers many times, and never once have I gotten a reply

Dear, Wirex, Wirex Teams,

I would like to suggest some options, maybe probably can be useful for all users and your company.

  1. Provide an EBAN to your clients with own of Wirex account name
    That can be very useful, than the user can add the Wirex bank account to any exchange platform to send crypto or fiat to their account. The problem for that, is we get reject because the EBAN is not under our own name.

  2. Share profil need to improve privacy of user name, like IDxxxxxx and not real name and surname
    that’s better to protect your users from spam, phishing and anything else.

Thanks to considere this feedback from your clients
Best regards

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I’m from Denmark. Here I don’t have have any issues. But I know it’s deferent in US.

If Wirex don’t respond to this post, then try to contact on on of thise ardesses here!

But it’s really good idea you just posted. :slightly_smiling_face: :ok_hand:
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