Adding funds to wirex account


Before I start , yes there 's a little frustration …, starting to doubt the product …

Don’t get me wrong , I like(d) the product , I like the community , and the support is great …


It is now the third time I try to add funds to my wirex card , and every single time it fails ???

In short this is how it works now :

Transfer from credit card: everything goes smoothly
Status pending for a day , and then … bam…failed
contact support , send some documents , manual capture of the transaction ,
wait another 4 days , funds available .

Please , please, fix this , asap !

This is frustrating and is costing traders a lot of money .


I’m really sorry to hear this Bert. I will look into it straight away!


i try to spend my money from wirex account to buy bitcoin and use wirex debit card to buy games online.
every single time it failed,either.
pls fix this asap,too.

btw new wirex contactless card sounds awesome! can’t wait 4 it !


Raphael ,

Any progress on this ?


Hey Bert;

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you; I did look into it, and yes we were experiencing an issue that wasn’t limited to just yourself.

Now it should be OK. We had the bug Opened for this one.

  • the latest transaction failed for unrelated reason, the funds were returned to your local card.

But the issue has been fully resolved and your account is now OK,

We’ve made some improvements and going to make more in the future. And the funds should not get stuck like that anymore.

Can you check if everything is OK?



This issue could be resolved, but if it isn’t, please raise a ticket number here:

And provide me the ticket number; so we don’t have your email on the internet. And I can chase this up for you.


I am sorry to post it here as for some reason I can’t create a new topic. I turned on 2 factor authorization for my wirex account. My Phone died and so did Google Authenticator! Now I can’t log in to my account. I restored my phone but there was no data for Google Authenticator! All Gone!
I can’t login!
Any one had the same issue?? How did you recover?
And Someone please share my problem with any of the Admin who may help!


My apempt to buy bitcoin faild 23 August but money taken from my credit card i write to support and get questions i ansver but after that only quite what happens?