Adding new Defi Stablecoin tokens onto the Wirex Exchange

Hi Wirex community,

I would like to see more DeFi-based stablecoins. I only noticed that DAI is listed on the wirex exchange, notably missing USDT and USDC. Can you please explain why this is so?

In this category, I would like to see FEI (and TRIBE), FRAX (and FXS), ALCX (and alUSD), lUSD (and LQTY), and Float Protocol (BANK / FLOAT). It would help these smaller DeFi players to take on the big guys (like DAI). Note that inclusion of these would be various degrees of risk, as with any token in crypto.

Finally, I would like to see Olympus (OHM) here on Wirex!


Hi @arcology :wave:

It’s a good idea. Thanks for submitting it! :slight_smile:

@moderators could you explain the choice of DAI instead of USDT/C? Thanks!

Thanks for the patience and understanding!
I’m u fr r

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I would like to see Dogecoin in wirex because it is the only Crypto currency that I can see on a slow upward trend!
Thank you very much!
Frank Gannon!

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