Address Verification. No response

I have sent £4000 to my account and have been asked for address verification. I have done this already but have sent the doc again. Now no one is getting back to me and my account is still blocked. I have tried to contact @Wirex on Facebook, instagram, Twitter, a support ticket in the app, email and this forum and no one is getting back to me. I have bills I need to pay and am being charged by the day for this. Can you verifiy my account and why is no one getting back to me. This is causing me alot of stress. My initial tickets number is (1825522)


I’m sure you will soon get a response soon enough.


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I am sure that it will be resolved. I had a issue like this a few months about it was resolved within a few days. It is probably Covid which is why it is taking so long.

Can anyone help with this issue please? @Jenny_Wirex
@Ali_Wirex @Yan_Wirex @Gus_Wirex @Fadzhana_Wirex @Kateryna_Wirex @Inna_Wirex

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Can anyone assist in this case. @Jenny_Wirex @Ali_Wirex @Yan_Wirex

hello, i am henry, i want to change my residential address and sent my request and uploaded my address proof over one week. However, no any response up to now. Is it normal? My ticket no. is 1805509. Please help. Thanks.

Hi @whwhenry,

I can see, that the verification team has already contacted you via the support ticket. Please check it from your side. Regards!

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Hello @Pommeez,

Could you please provide the reference # of the support ticket? If you have not yet submitted the ticket, please create it here: and our support team will be glad to resolve this for you.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello Donna,

Did your issue get resolved? If so please feel free to leave a review on trust pilot please.

If not let us know.


Hello Henry,

Did you manage to get your issue resolved ?


Dear Sir,

Not yet. The verification staff Alina Fedko requested me to submit POA and I have already submitted before Xmas holiday. However, she replied that my screenshots cannot be accepted. I don’t know what is the specific problem for my submission because no details mentioned in his email. I guess the type of document I submitted was not the type of document for POA, so I resend again my bank statement to her and wait for his reply now, but my status is still under verifying (ticket no. 1832189)

I don’t whether the format of my screenshots is not correct, because I take the photo my IPhone, which may not in jpeg. It is better if she can tell me the exact problem of my submission.

Another problem is that, a part of my residential address is “Queen’s Road West” in HK, I am not allowed to input “Queen’s”, and I am only allowed to input “ Queens” in address field in Wirex app, is it OK? Or you have another suggestion.

Thank you for your great assistance.

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Hello call me Henry,

The POA will need to have you address clearly shown and dated. The ideal format would be JPEG I think that may be the issue. Stick with Wirex they are very overwhelmed due to the pandemic and with it being Xmas time. I will tag in someone who works for Wirex support team to help you out.
@Ali_Wirex @Inna_Wirex @Anastasiia_Wirex

As for the address issue I’m not sure, I imagine the address in the app will need to be the same as the address shown on the screenshot. Wirex will be able to help with this issue. Be patient in this difficult time they’re very helpful.

Let me know if you don’t hear anything back#


Hi @whwhenry,

Please make sure residential address indicated in your Wirex profile fully matches the address in your document.

Kindly upload the necessary document via your Wirex app, and we will proceed with your Address verification.

Thank you!

Done, this is the 3rd times I uploaded the POA for verification through the App to Wirex. My POA is in pdf format and is the water bill from Hong Kong Government. Please specify the problem if my uploaded document was not accepted again

Thank you for your great assistance.

I have submitted POA in pdf format for your address verification last night. Please check.

Please note that a part of my address is:


Due to the limitation of the address field in your Wirex App, i am (not allowed, not allowed, not allowed) to input the (symbol ’) , i am no way, but (forced to type, forced to type, forced to type) my address as follow:


I try to (use a space to replace the symbol ’ ), if it is not ok, please give me another (constructive, constructive, constructive) suggestion and teach me how to type to pass your verification. Please note that i have only one residential address and cannot change the address anymore. The symbol ’ is normal in some Hong Kong address, please check the address by google map. It seems that repeatly request me to re-submit the POA is helpless and meaningless. It is solely the technical problem and unreasonable restriction of your Wirex App, therefore it is solely the responsibility of your company to solve the problem.

Please also note that your company freeze my account and card over than one week. I miss the opportunity to trade and use my fund, so i reserve my right to take legal action or claim any loss due to your delay of my address verification process because of your technical problem of WIREX APP.

Thank you for your great assistance, and your prompt reply would be highly appreciated.


Hi @whwhenry,

I have sent a request to check your documents to the verification team. They will contact you shortly. Regards!

Why the Hell address verifying so freaking long??? It’s been like a month an more now yet my account is still blocked I can not access BTC to send to another wallet, this is my BTC funds how the hell do they have any rights to hold on to it and block us accessing our own funds??? This SUX!!!
Ok fair enough they block the cards and not increase the limits etc… cos that’s there property, but fucking funds is our funds why can we move it and access it CDN SOMEONE PLEASD TELL ME WHY???

I’ve been sending literally every thing I’ve got from up to date bank statement to my utilities bills to my freaking license and they all has the exact same adrress and my first snd second Sme on it. What else do freaking wants???
For god sakes wirex you guys fully destroyed our family Christmas I swear…


Please be advised that the verification team is already looking into your case. They will contact you shortly. Regards!

Your app requested me to upload the POA again tonight. This is the 4th time to request me to upload. I uploaded the POA.

Same as before, a part of my address contains the symbol ’ but i am not allowed to type the symbol ’ in the address field in your App, therefore i am no choice and only type the letters without the symbol ’ in the address field. I try to explain to you and hope you can solve my problem and teach me how to type my address to pass your verfication, but so disappointed. I just received your request repeatly to request me to upload my POA in the past week. Please help me, help me and help me to teach me how to type the symbol ’ in your address field. Please.

PS a part of my address: