Address verification

I upload the required documents for address verification but the application takes me back to the beginning and I have to go through the process again. I have been waiting for 5 days for verification and still no access to my account!

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good morning

it’s about 7 days for the verifications

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youll get an update sir soon

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Cela fait plusieurs jours que je n’ai pas accès a mon compte a cause des soit disant justificatifs de domiciles alors que je les ais déjà envoyés dans mes précédents mails!
Vous trouverez donc ci-joint

Merci de débloquer mon compte au plus vite car j’ai des transactions en cours



Can you please speak in English ?

Thank you.

@cazot Unfortunately, we are experiencing certain delays with Verification at the moment. The issue has been forwarded to our Verification team.

@Jose_Vieira We are sorry this issue has occurred for you. Please provide us with the ticket number so that we can escalate your case further. Best regards!

It's been several days that I have not had access to my account because of the so-called proof of addresses when I have already sent them in my previous emails!
So attached you will find my latest requests number 1867727 I send messages every day
thank you for unblocking my account


I precise my e mail wirex is

Thank you

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Hi @Jose_Vieira, thank you for providing us with the ticket number. We’ve passed your case to the verification team and you should be updated via ticket as soon as it is possible. Best regards!

It’s been over 7 days since I sent the documents and I still haven’t received verification, how long do I have to wait?

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Hi @Aleksander, we’ve escalated your case to the verification team. You’ll be updated as soon as possible. Best regards!

Welcome :blush:

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Hello my account is not yet verified
Email of my account

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Hi @Skillshare, we see that our Verification team has responded to your ticket, please check your mailbox. Regards!

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