Address verification

Hi! I have submitted proof of address for a week ago and no response yet. Please kindly verify in progress. Request ID #312150

Hi @Nin_Ja,

Could you please let me know your support ticket number?

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Hi @feketevandor,

I have escalated your case to the Verification Team. They will contact you shortly.

Best wishes!

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Thank you very much!

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Hello @patter, I am sorry for the delayed verification of your account.

I have just escalated your case to our relevant department. They will check the documents and contact you via the ticket shortly.

Best Regards!

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Hi! I have submitted proof of address and no response yet. Please kindly verify in progress. Request ID #1456274

20 minutes have passed since 12 hours!

I’m serious, unblock my account and my friends’ accounts or you won’t need any verification process in the future.

Ticket #1467843

I explain my problem again. I have been a Wirex customer since 2018 and have used this service a lot! In September 2021 my account without apparent reason is suspended for “security reasons” with € 275k! After dozens of emails, documents of the origin of the funds, proof of address, identification documents, screenshots and much more, finally in mid-February 2022 I am given access again after having contacted an important international law firm and wasting time and money, I decide to continue to believe in Wirex and to invest in WXT and 80k € in X-account being an Elite I had 14% and I bought “about” 15 Million of WXT for a total amount present on my account currently of about 203.000 € ! Today I open the app and it asks me to choose the annual income, the origin of the funds and stop. I complete and I find the account awaiting verification and with the movements blocked, I immediately receive an email from where I was asked for a copy of a bill dating back to a maximum of 3 months, I send it immediately and in the meantime I chatted with the support where I specified that I have already sent everything in the past months in the past months, and I am told that this ticket 1460913 had been opened and that my account was active! After a while I log back in and the page always appears: Verification in progress - “Verification is generally completed within 20 minutes, but occasionally it can last up to 24h” I have 15 million WXTs as per screen and the price fluctuates! Risk of losing a lot of money! Please fix this my situation urgently, that’s a lot of money!

ticket 1460913

It’s been 1 day for me, I have 15mln WXT and I absolutely need to log in to manage my funds!

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Same here Vibas.

Do you have the same problem too?

I’m also a long-term customer.
Yesterday the address verification procedure kicked in.
Since then after log in, the “20min… page” is showed.

Me too, yesterday afternoon the app suddenly asked me for a questionnaire and immediately afterwards I received an email with an account statement or bill and I sent it immediately. Do you also have considerable sums?

Wirex let’s not fool ourselves I spoke privately with @MaBe and both yesterday at the same time, in the same way we had this problem. And he too has considerable sums! The documentation has been sent to you, the ticket is 1460913 Realize how much sorrow and concern you are creating for customers who are historical and have always believed in Wirex! Give us immediate access to our funds! @moderators @Wirexapps @Alexander_Wirex @Yuliia_Wirex @Anastasiia_Wirex

Hi @BorysChykerenda, we see that the issue has been sorted out already. Regards!

Hi @MaBe, this case has been forwarded to our relevant team. You will be contacted shortly via the email address associated with your account.


Hi @Vibas, we need some time to review provided documents, so accounts will be fully verified as soon as possible.

Are you kidding me? What does it take to check a bill? Do you realize that I have 15 Million in WXT and you are creating panic and unease? And above all concern? I have decided and you know the story well, to continue to believe in you but this is totally wrong! With Wirex I live there and you are doing me a lot of damage again! Needless to read the answers, solve this problem immediately! Represent Wirex!


I want an admin to take care of it now.
I have submitted all documents, I need access to my account!
That can’t be, you can’t just block my money without giving any reason.
Ticket :1476394
Finally take care and represent them Wirex, we live in the year 2022, something like that doesn’t work at all !!
I will take legal action if I can’t access my account today

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