Address verification

I love your website but…
(this is not my first issue but it has definitely been the most financially debilitating)
I had to verify my address, which I thought I had completed, but I had no response after 3 days. After getting in contact by online chat I was informed by email that my documents was not acceptable as proof of address.
If I had not got in contact, I think I would still be waiting for a response from you. If my documents were not acceptable, for what ever reason, you should have contacted me to inform me of this issue. I have no reason to withhold this information and believe it is unacceptable for you to not inform me that there was a problem with the documents that I had uploaded. I have since re-submitted the requested documents, and on your website it says it takes a few mins to 24hr max to verify and respond; 12 hours later and I’m still waiting. If you don’t meet this deadline I will be seriously considering withdrawing my funds and closing my account with you.
I am being sincerer when I say that I really like your platform and love using my WireX card, but there are plenty of other options out there and new options are available every other day.
I believe you have a good thing going and you are well respected within this realm. You have entered this fledgling market in its early stages and I totally except that there will be bedding-in issues. That said, you need to keep up your customer service side of things if you want to remain at the top.
I hope you understand that it is not my intention to direct this as a serious compliant or criticism. That being said, improvements need to be made. This is only a friendly suggestion from a nearly fully satisfied customer.
Kind regards,


Hi there J, Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to write this to us! The team truly does appreciate all feedback as it helps us to improve in speed, efficiency and quality. Secondly, I will be passing this on to the relevant department so they are aware of your feedback and the experience that you’ve been through while verifying.

Thank you for sharing. All the best.


It seems Dusty is not the only one suffering with a complete lack of communication when asked to verify. 5 days now and still waiting. I raised a support ticket. Nothing. I was also one of those that supported wirex in the crowd funding not a small amount either! At the moment without verification completed I am unable to move any crypto out. Not ideal when there is so much happening. So come on guys get your act sorted out.


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Hi there Peter, I just wanted to get in touch to see if the above has been resolved for you now?

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The problem has been resolved now thank you.

I was becoming a little concerned about the lack of communication. As a matter of point perhaps you could use the community forum to let customers know if there is an issue or a backlog of calls that are being worked through. In my case the verification issue coincided with problem reported on 20th November.

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I currently have a similar issue and have been waiting for a number of days for my additional verification to be sorted out.

My ticket number is 1768396.

Assistance with this issue would be very much appreciated.

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Oh my that’s me too 🤦 silly me transferred all my crypto to Wirex, converted it. I went to withdraw money and said restricted access. I was notified I needed to verify my address which confused me because I’ve been using my Wirex for a few months. Anyways I’ve done that. It’s been 3 days and still waiting to be verified. I’ve sent of numerous emails just incase my verification was denied and I need to do it again but no reply or nothing

Ticket number 1795846

I also waiting my address verification… 9 days gona…

I suggest Wirex mail a letter with verification code in the letter,
then we can enter the letter verification code on the APP.
So it can fast to make address verification

I can paid the letter fee, and I don’t want to address verification again again and again…

Update: just post message here, after fee hours I had passed address verification, thanks.

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  1. Not see mistake and can’t suggest errors (see foto from October to today)
  2. using chat bot in community wirex support 3) web chat could be useful if they don’t disconnect you( foto of chat report from web) 4) Very bad reaction to problem when problem it is the core business ( see foto when support from web report to relevant team, they first at December verified my account but don’t see that my address zip is 00123 and they write 000123 for this mistake it need 10 days to found one small error) and the solution was ilarious but your mistake my depression you that write verification 20min and it is 20 days. I’m verified from 2018 you had biometric data, documentation and found data and you want disattivate my profile and pass another verification.! image|281x499 .

Hello @Oleg_Levchuk,

We are sorry this unpleasant situation occurred.
This case has been escalated to our Verification Team. They will contact you via the ticket shortly.

Best regards!

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Tnx problem solved!!!

hi @Anastasiia_Wirex ,
I use my mobile phone to do verification, after I finish upload my identity card.
It goes on with Selfie/video selfie step, I also finish but it said I failed.
Now my verification trial has exceeded, what can I do next?
Support Ref: 1807894

Hi there, I will pass this on to the support team for you. They will contact you directly via your email.

Thank you

I have now been contacting you for over 24 hours since I was requested to verify my POA which I have now done with 4 documents over the last 24 hours and still nothing. I find it absolutely ridiculous that you can’t even send a email to say ‘we are still looking into your POA’ or something along these lines.

My initial ticket number 1817993

Can you please see what is going on with my account verification please. My ticket is 1822811. I have thousands of pounds now frozen in the account. I sent last months bank statement it should have taken 5 minutes to verify.
I want access to my money. This is terrible customer service no one relies to any emails or tweets.
It really is bad service

Did you get sorted out mate? I starting to think I have been scammed.

Hi. I submitted the POA for new account verification but still waiting around 5 days.
Would you please help for follow up?

My ticket ID 1818383

Hi my account has been blocked after I have sent money to it. I have sent the required verification documents and still not heard anything. Can you verify my account asap as I have a bill to pay. initial tickets number is (1825522)

Hi my account has been blocked after I have sent money to it. I have sent the required verification documents and still not heard anything. Can you verify my account asap. initial tickets number is (1825522)

Yes all sorted now, and everything is working fine