Address verification

I also waiting my address verification… few days gone!
I did few support cases in the apps… no one response. no message or feedback ! :frowning:
my case ID = 1836077
I suggest Wirex email a letter with verification code in the letter,

I don’t wait to address verification again again and again…

Hi I have a question need to confirm

A person in Mainland China can apply for a virtual card? How to Apply ?

I try several times, but finally, said need to verify

It seems A lot of people is suffering with a complete lack of communication when asked to verify. I have send so many ticket and send my address proof so many times but still got no response days now and still waiting. I raised several support ticket. Nothing!!! All my fund are tied up too I can’t do anything on it . So come here get your act to sort things out please

It’s just hold my account and ask for the Address Verification. It takes so long without any notice.

I suggest you write to them in email or FB message

I haven’t got my reply yet but at least there is some one in FB messenger to support

Same here my account has been hold up for 2 weeks long. Cannot add fund or exchange crypto. The whole company was like shutdown and no one response to the tickets. It’s really hard to imagine how people put real money to a financial company like this…

I also want to share my address verification problem.

On the 23th of december you sent me an email to provide a proof of address. (is this an annual check-up???

On the 24th of december I have sent you a bank statement as proof of address. The proof lies in the email of verification.

Hello N***,*

Your account is verified, please check whether everything’s in order on your side and let me know should you need any further assistance.

Best regards, M.

On Thu, 24 Dec, 2020 at 9:19 AM , N***** <n*****> wrote:
Please check documents


On the 3nd of January (or close) you suspended my Wirex account because no-one at Wirex checked my proof of address. I guess that no-one was available during christmas time on your side and your program decided to suspend my account as if I didn’t provide a response

On the 4th of January my account was reactivated because somebody at Wirex (Maria) looked into my proof of address.

Wirex, this is unfair to suspend an account because you don’t have employees who can check proof of address.

This is clearly worrying if this is to be an annual exercise. I also experienced this problem back in November. I certainly would not relish having to go through the process of delays using my account while the account is waiting for verification. This does appear to be a weak spot in this service.

If I might suggest that the basis for withholding use of the account is where address verification has not been submitted so instead of essentially suspending the account after the address verification has been submitted. It remains active and only withdrawing if the verification fails.

I have the same problem. I have submitted the doc and waiting for few days for address verification.
my ticket number is 1837336

Hello support,
I have the same problem since Friday! Now I’m very worried. It has been 5 days now and still waiting for my account to be verified and waiting for an answer from support! I raised a support ticket. Nothing. At the moment without verification completed I am unable to move any crypto out. Not ideal when there is so much happening. So come on guys get your act sorted out.

Thank you!

I have had the same problem for a week, I wrote a dozen or so e-mails without a reply, I can’t do anything on my account !!! Is this some Wirex scam ???

I have same problem, waiting for a week for address verification, I have submitted but keep failed and no one reply me.

Anyone from Wirex can help me and solve my problem.

Thank you

the same problem, cant get to my funds for a week!!! I verified my address 2 months ago and used my wirex card, but now Wirex team wanted to ferify my address again, I submitted a document a week ago, after a 4 days of waiting I contacted support and got mail - your document doesnt meet requirements… I submitted another document and agait they declained it… then 2 days ago I submitted 5 documents, support team promissed that they will check the documents in 1 hour, but 2 days passed and still nothing, still verifying… if they are going to declain those 5 documents I dont know then which documents I should send to verify my address… actually I am really worried for now, I dont understand what is going on?!

Even though you received an answer and for over a week they did not answer anything after sending a dozen e-mails, something is wrong with this wirex

Same for me, I’ve sent 3 different address verification docs now, no reply to tickets I am raising for updates.

I was told to upload proof of address which I did and t’s been over 4 months and there Is no update with my verification. It says it takes 24hrs so why it’s been 4 months ?

they sent me a “didn’t passed the verification” email a third time in this week, I sent them a 6 diferent documents to confirm my address… are they a bankrupting this way and just holding a money to get more time? for me it looks like this is happening… I got a a LOT of money frozen there!!!

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I needed bank statement top up dairy limited, because I can’t see 4 password top up limited.

Same problem
Please contact me ASAP


I have submitted my address verification for 2 days but there is no respond .

Please help to check and free to contact me