All transactions getting declined

I’ve been trying to send bitcoin from wirex to my edge wallet for the past 3 days.

It pops up transaction successfull and then immediately pops up saying declined.

What is happening.

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I’ve only just activated my Wirex card this afternoon and have come across the exact same issue. Paid £750 into my account as an initial top-up and now I’m unable to make even a single transfer out of my account? Each one appears successful at first and then immediately shows as being declined.

Saaaame. All my requested transfers are declined. What should i do?

Send 16 euro and pay 17 euro :100: of commission what the hell

same here and support is now ignoring us.
I was hoping that joining the community here and asking for help would probably fix the transfers.

i cannot even send BTC to my personal wallet!

Wirexapp please help

Hi there @pekker, @Rizza_Rea , do you have your support ticket reference numbers please?

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Also getting a transaction declined with any LTC transfers I try to make. No more info as to why
Wentt through the (pretty bad) help and contact us pages and submitted a ticket, didn’t get a reference number.

Would have really hoped for better support all round

Hey there Tex, very sorry to hear that. Is it possible to send me a private message on here so I can assist you further? Thank you

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Hi Ali,

It doesn’t look like I can, no. I don’t seem to have an option to send private messages. I assume it is part of the trust scheme mentioned by the bot when you sign up…?:

"Users at trust level 0 cannot …

Send personal messages to other users"

Oh yes of course. No worries. I will send you a private message now. Normally we don’t do this on our social platforms (too many scammers trying to impersonate us by sending private messages first -please see pinned message at the top) but seeing as you can’t on the community forum, as you are new, I will follow up with you now. Thank you.

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Hey, my sending-NANO transaction have been pending since last Saturday, I’ve submitted the support requests, but NO ONE reply!!!

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@Ali_Wirex my ticket number is 72155

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Can you help me please?! I have the same issue. Asked for a transfer to a UK Bank, funds left the account but transfer got declined. Created ticket but don’t have the number. I need to pay some bills!!

Yes I will chase this now for you with the support team. Thank you for sharing.

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Hi there is it possible to send me a private message so I can assist you further? Thank you

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Sorry, first time using this platform. How do I send a private message? Thanks

Oh yes of course, that will change the longer you are on here due to the trust levels. Don’t worry, I can send you an email internally on the forum this time. I will do so right now. Thank you

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Thank you

no support ticket reference yet since no one has responded to all my submitted requests regarding this issue.