All transactions getting declined

It is not helpful answer

Thank you

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Is there an Embargo on making payment for 5 days after setting up my Wirex account?

@Camby Please check your mailbox for the appropriate update from Support and respond accordingly. Thank you in advance!

I’m furious!!! 2 weeks, and I can’t transfer cash to my bank account. How long does it take? This is ridiculous. Does someone even work here? The only thing, that i read from support is that my case is being held by some department. So what? I don’t care, I want my money back!!!

Hello @voightas1, thank you for contacting us here. We’ve passed your case on to the relevant team and to the support team so that they reply back in the ticket once there is any information. You will be updated via ticket as soon as it is possible. Best regards!

Hah, yeah. 3 weeks! You only pass my case to the another team. That doesn’t solve my problem. Give me back my money

Hi @voightas1, we are truly sorry for the delay in replying. We are working on your case and you will be updated via ticket as soon as possible. Regards!

I have had the same issues. My 1650$ transfer was declined and the money disappears. I’ve emailed wirex and ZeroHash. My ZeroHash contact is super helpful and is trying to get my money for me. Wirex “relevant team” has said the issue is fixed when they did not return the funds. Its not a small sum of money. This needs fixed now!

Hi @chadthicnswole, thank you for reporting this here. We’ll pass your case to the Support team and you will be updated as soon as possible. Best regards!

Mate that’s what you guys said 3 days ago. Please, release my money!

@chadthicnswole We’ll do our best to speed up the process for you. Regards!

My contact at ZeroHash told me that you guys said the transaction was complete. This is not the case. Please return my money

That’s not good enough mate. I reached out and was told the same thing 5 days reached out to zerohash and they said that your team had resolved the issue. When in fact you have not. They will again be in further contact and I will be blowing up your support until something is done. Not 'the right team has been notified". Return my money to my account. Now.

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Hello @chadthicnswole, please check our last message and provide the required information. Thank you!

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They said you had contacted by support team. Kindly check the email they send to you. Thank you have a great day

My problem isn’t solved! For almost a month! I don’t care about you’re apologize. After i can’t send euros to my bank, i change EU to bitcoin and send the external wallet. Now it’s pending for over 24h. This is a joke. You’re help is a joke. I want my money back you thieves

wt., 20 wrz 2022, 13:54 użytkownik Yuliia Support Representative via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <> napisał:

@voightas1 We have forwarded this inquiry to our Support team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

Hi. I have the same problem. Is there any hidden limit for new accounts for transfering money from wirex to bank account? I did test payment, it worked ok, then sent another one for 1700 or so, then I tried make 1 more payment and from now all my transfers are declined straight away. I made support ticket but no infromation back so far.

Hello @adampitok69, we can see that you had many successful transfers. As for the ticket, we’ll escalate this to our Support team and they will get back to you once possible. Best regards!

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