All transactions getting declined

Hello @Miscal, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed update.

I have already sent you an update via ticket, please take a look.

Warm regards.

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I have done a payment on the 19th. Since then I have written several times to the support and didn’t even get one reply! When I go on the chat all I hear is “we are working on it” Please bear in mind that you are handeling OUR money. My payment states on “processing” since the 19th. It was BTC worth $ 300. We are not millionaires using Wirex, this is alot of money for us to be waiting to be paid for an purchase.

How is it possible to get an reply of the support? Thanks

Reques 102843 since 19th not one answer. Only sorry we are working on it wouldn’t be the solution. My payment is in “processing” since the 19th January and I couln’t purchase what I wanted as you din’t do the payment.
Awaiting your reply aspa.
Thanks Pamela

Hello Pamela, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed response.

I have just escalated your request to our Support Team and they will provide you with an update as soon as possible.

Best regards!

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Hi when I look into the wirex help my request was deleted. I can’t understand that. This is alot of money which just is stuck not being paid nor refunded.
Can you please tell me what is happening?
Thanks Pamela

Dear Pamela,

Let me inform you that your request is still being processed by our relevant team and we will update you directly via the ticket once it is done.


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Hello @Tex, thank you for your feedback and I am sincerely sorry to hear that your experience is not of the quality you’ve expected.

Please rest assured that your feedback has been forwarded to our relevant department for further consideration.

Also, I have just escalated this case to our relevant department one more time. Let me kindly inform you that I will update you via the ticket shortly.

Warm regards.

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It is awfull. How can someone trust Wirex as a genuine wallet if the case isn’t solved. I get automated reponses only and every time you delete my request in the help section.
I’ve sent Bitcoins worth $ 300. What makes is so difficult to refund it. How can we continue to work with Wirex if you don’t solve problems in timely maner?

And now they are hiding my comments. Quality stuff, wirex. What an absolute disgrace of a company. An update for all - still 0 support or assistance given, still unable to withdraw from my account.

You are deleting my requests from the support tickets as solved. Why isn’t Wirex able to get responses out in a short time. I’ve done a transaction on the 19th which is still on “processing”. I want my money back.
Can’t work with a company that deletes support tickest, escalation is also usless as all I get are automized responses that it will be solved in 2-4 48h. That was 5 days ago.

I thought Wirex would be a good idea to work with. But can’t do more payments if it sticks as processing for two weeks. Please don’t always tell you are overloaded. This is my money and I would like to have is back.

Dear Pamela, thank you for escalating this case.

Let me inform you that your request is still being processed by our relevant team and we will update you directly via the ticket once it is done. The point of this delay is such cases are processing by our relevant team manually.

We apologize for the delayed processing of your case.

Dear Tex,

Kindly note that your message was flagged by the system automatically.

I have checked your case and I can confirm that the relevant team is processing your request. Please note that we’ve also sent you an update via ticket.

Best regards.

Couldn’t top-up using my card for a long time.
Could you please check my case?

Thank you.

Hello @Feuran, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed update.

I have already sent you an update via ticket, please take a look.

Warm regards.

I would like to know why all my transfers are getting declined. For now I know for sure that ETH and LTC transfes are not working. I have tried this with many wallets like coinbase, binance, exodus, tradesilvania. None of theese wallets work. Please do something about it.

BTW I have 18 failed transactions. That makes a pattern which is WIREX’s fault! Worst services ever. And Wirex online chat is evan worse!

Update. 0.07 eth in and no ETH OUT. 19 transfers FAILED

Update. 24 FAILED TRANSFERS and WIREX does nothing about it. I can’t send funds to anyone, not even WIREX to WIREX!!

If anyone reads this: I WON’T ever choose WIREX again. not even if it’s the end of the world! Think a lot before doing so!

Hello Stefan, I am sincerely sorry for your unpleasant experience.

I have checked and escalated your case to our relevant department and I can confirm that it will be processed as soon as possible. I have also updated you via the ticket, could you please take a look?

Warm regards.

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Hello Anastasiia. With all due respect, thank you for trying to help me, but your update via ticket is not helping me getting my ETH out. I can’t send any coin from WIREX to any other crypto wallet. I need my ETH now. Good for me that I don’t have anyone dying, like the other guy with funds blocked who had a sister and now she’s in a better world probably without WIREX.

New info. I can send any coin to another wirex account but not to any other crypto wallet. So it’s useless. You don’t even offer the possibility to withdraw cash to bank transfer. Or maybe a card to cash out on ATM. WIREX = SCAM. It’s like money in monopoly, you have a lot of them but they’re good only in the game.


I will find a way to legaly persue this problem. There are too many people that are facing problems on your app and aren’t solved in weeks. Not to mention that I know people from my country that have the same problems I’m experiencing, and that is discriminating! I talked with someone in UK that uses wirex and he doesn’t have any problems at all.

Tell me something, why can I send REAL money in WIREX but I can’t get my REAL money back. Why won’t WIREX give back my property? I hope you do understand that’s a felony in any country!

Same problem here, I wanted to send some XRP to a friend (another crypto wallet) but unfortunately I can’t, I tried 6 times already

I have 29 failed transactions in 2 days! with crypto"dot"com, coinbase, exodus, tradesilvania on various types of crypto like LTC, ETH, WAVES, DAI. nothing works.