Any user can get the rewards by using visa card

Hi all,
I am new to Wirex, but can’t get the rewards recently. Not only me, all my friends also had same problem after MasterCard announced.

This is my guess, is the problem caused by visa card? So just want to know if anyone can receive the rewards by using Singapore issued visa card.

Please reply here. Thanks a lot

I don’t think it is the card type VISA or MasterCard because Wirex says the new reward scheme is applied to both globally. My case is using Visa. But I mostly guess it should be some technical issues on some batches of accounts that encounter missing rewards either paid in Satoshis or WXT during the transition.

Better to wait for Wirex to explain.

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Hi everyone, I will be moving this thread into the support channel section on the forum as that way one of our support team members will be able to assist you directly. Please remember to share your support ticket numbers or send your support ticket reference number to the email

Thank you so much.

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I also have the same issue. Sometimes there’s Cryptoback but sometimes there isn’t. If that’s not stable I doubt I wouldn’t continue to use it.

Dear @Icarus, may I ask you to create a ticket or provide me with the already created ticket number so we could check your account?

Kind regards

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My ticket number is 420550.
I reported two transactions but then one more appeared.
Here are the three transactions involved:
April 7: HKD900
April 7: HKD131
April 10: HKD16.8

The key concern is not manual adjustment but it’s not working well to pay Cryptoback automatically.
There are many physical card promotions in Hong Kong which are up to 5-8% rebate, so if this is not a stable channel it may simply turn the customers away.

Dear @Icarus, thank you for your reply.

We will check and update you via this ticket.

Best regards

I also have this problem.

The in-store purchases (73.6 HKD) did not get any rewards, but another purchase get the reward immediately. Is my card or my account have any problems?

Dear @Yufung, thank you for the information provided.

We will check and contact you via email soon.

Kind regards